Top 10 Best Kaldheim Cards for EDH/Commander

Kaldheim is the newest Magic: the Gathering set and it takes place in the Norse-inspired mythological world of the same name. Filled with all types of Vikings, dwarves, gods, and terrifying beasts, this set offers a ton of potential for the Commander faithful. With new legendary creatures and potent spells, a bunch of decks are going to get a serious power boost when Kaldhiem finally releases. With axe in hand, I decided to pick 10 of my favorite cards that will certainly make a splash in the Commander format.

I will not be including cards that specifically excel in cEDH (Competitive EDH) alone since this variation focuses on playing extremely fast and efficient decks. Instead, our selections offer flexibility and embrace the spirit of this chaotic, social game. Additionally, we won’t be considering cards for Brawl since those are typically different archetypes and limitations.

If you’re looking to pick up singles from Kaldheim, here are our top 10 picks.

10 Best New Kaldheim Cards

1.Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider

Let’s start this list off with my favorite card of the set. I am a big Phyrexia fan, so to see the praetor Vorinclex make his return after 10 years was extremely exciting. Cost 6 mana, this creature boasts Trample and Haste, along with the ability to manipulate counters on the battlefield. Not only will Vorinclex give you twice as many counters whenever you put one on any permanent you control, but halve the ones your opponent’s recieve.

This can be utterly backbreaking against the right deck, allowing you to drastically slow your foe’s board development while skyrocketing yours. He also is fairly open-ended, allowing you to try a number of different counter-focused strategies. Personally, I think this abomination is better suited to being in a counter deck than leading it, but that doesn’t detract from his sheer presence.

2. Goldspan Dragon

Oh, I can already tell this card is going to annoy me. For 5 mana, Goldspan Dragon causes all your Treasure Tokens to produce two mana of any one color. This is extremely powerful, giving Red decks a much-needed method of quickly ramping during the early stages of the game. While the dragon costs five mana, it can immedeately attack and make a token that produces two mana.

Goldspan Dragon also synergizes beautifully with cards like Smothering Tithe, Pitiless Plunderer, and Brass’s Bounty. Alternatively, you can target Goldspan Dragon with any spell or ability to produce a Treasure token. Meaning, if you have a creature that forces it to tap, Goldspan will make a token that can be used for two mana. It’s this flexibility that makes Goldspan a solid ramp option for decks that often don’t have a ton of mana acceleration options.

3. Tergrid, God of Fright

Can’t afford a Tiny Bones, but still want to make a discard-themed deck? Fear not, because Tergrid, God of Fright is here for all your discarding/sacrificing needs. A key aspect a lot of discard decks lack is having a strong backbone as you strip your opponent’s hand. Tergrid avoids this issue by allowing you to play any permanent card a foe discards or sacrifices. Lands, creatures, artifacts, planeswalkers, and enchantments are all yours for the taking. This places your opponent in a difficult situation where they are forced to consider keeping cards they’d usually get rid of just to keep you from using them.

But Tegrid takes it one step further, allowing you to obtain any permanent an opponent sacrifices as well. Casting a card like Fleshbag Marauder essentially gives you three creatures for three mana. Did I also mention Tergrid can be played as an artifact called Tergrid’s Lantern which causes your opponent to discard or sacrifice if they don’t want to lose life. The best part is the card can untap itself, making it an insane mana sink in the late game. I have no doubts at all that Tergrid will become one of the most popular mono-Black commanders in the entire format.

4. The World Tree

Five color mana fixing is always tough, especially if you are on a budget and cannot afford all the expensive fetchlands, dual lands, or shock lands. So long as you control six or more lands, The World Tree allows all your lands to tap for any mana. This is superb mana fixing, as players don’t typically run a lot of land hate in Commander, giving this card far more survivability.

Given how popular Chromatic Lantern is, a land version of this will surely find a home in almost any five-color deck. Plus, this land has the added ability to let you deploy any amount of God cards from your deck onto the battlefield. I suspect this will be a more niche aspect of the card and it will mainly see play thanks to the wonderful mana fixing it offers players.

5. Reflections of Littjara

Tribal decks are one of the most popular archetypes in the entire format. With so many great races in Magic: The Gathering, there are a lot of terrific creature-focused decks you can construct. Enter Reflections of Littjara, a new staple in tribal decks that use the Blue mana. Being able to copy any creature spell you play of the chosen creature type can let you swiftly take over the board.

This also prevents the “going wide” issue that a lot of tribal decks suffer from. Since you’re getting two of each creature you cast, it’s easy to amass an army by only investing a few permanents instead of your entire hand. That being said, it does cost five mana so you’ll want to make sure you can ramp into it quickly otherwise it may end up being a dead card in your hand.

6. Glorious Protector

Another wildly popular Commander deck archetype (and personal favorite) is “Flicker.” Revolving around triggering Enter the Battlefield (ETB) effects repeatedly for insane value, there are a lot of cards that let you abuse this mechanic. Yet Kaldheim’s Glorious Protector might be one of the best additions to these in decks in a long time. When this angel enters the battlefield she can exile any number of non-Angel creatures, which will return when she leaves the battlefield.

Notice how it doesn’t say when she dies, meaning you can play her, exile a bunch of ETB creatures, then flicker Glorious Protector bringing all those creatures back onto the battlefield before she enters again and exiles them once more. You can also Foretell this creature if you are either tight on mana or want to deploy it early!

7. Tibalt’s Trickery

It’s a counterspell in Red. I’m not sure what else you want me to say here.

Okay, it’s a little more complicated than that but it’s definitely going to become a staple in most mono-Red decks. While you can counter any spell your opponent casts, Tibalt’s Trickery lets your opponent potentially dig three cards deep and cast the first non-land permanent for free. Since this doesn’t shuffle their deck, this can potentially backfire if they have top deck manipulation.

That being said, if you need to protect your win con or are against spell-heavy decks this can be an unexpected surprise. Plus, Red doesn’t have a lot of interaction when it comes to countering spells or dealing with control decks.

8. Skemfar Avenger

Elves have always been one of the strongest tribes in Magic, but typically these decks are either mono-Green or include a splash of white. Recently, there has been a bigger push towards adding Black and Skemfar Avenger makes a good case for this shift. For a measly two mana you can turn all your nontoken elves into card advantage when they die. Given these types of decks tend to dump their hand early on, having a way to refill it is quite useful.

Skemfar also triggers for Berserkers, which is a nice touch and needed support for a lesser-used tribe. While the loss of one life can be dire if you lose a lot of elves at once, it’s still a cheap price for being able to stock up on more elves. Sure, it won’t be in every deck, but this is a great card that will push elves into a new, horrifying exciting direction.

9. Esika, God of the Tree

Esika is a pretty bonkers five-color commander. While the creature side only needs green, your deck checks both sides of the cards. The creature side offers some terrific ramp — especially if you’re running a legendary themed deck. She also has a decent toughness allowing Esika to efficiently block early, oncoming attackers. As for The Prismatic Bridge, it’s a powerhouse enchantment that can quickly overwhelm your opponents. After all, who doesn’t;t like dropping a twelve mana creature on turn five? This card also combos wonderfully with cards such as Scroll Rack or Sense’s Divining Top. What I really like about this card is how open-ended it is, acting as a great general for any five-color creature-focused deck.

10. Orvar, the All-Form

Our final pick is Orvar, the All-Form. A completely bonkers legendary creature that will surely be the scourge of many Magic: The Gathering playgroups. While it doesn’t work with every deck, Orvar’s raw power and value cannot be understated. You can create a copy of any permanent you target with an instant or sorcery spell. This means a bunch of cheap bounce spells just give you a copy that stays there until someone removes it.

This alone is terrifying, especially in artifact decks where you can craft elaborate synergies. It also allows you to copy expensive spells with Blue bounce or flicker cards. Orvar has the added benefit of protecting your hand from discard spells which can be backbreaking against wheel decks like The Locus God. Even though Orvar won’t be the most popular commander, it has the potential to be one of the strongest.