Today’s Halo Infinite Item Shop – Weekly and Daily Deals

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If you’ve been staying away from basically all the current multiplayer games out there, you may boot up Halo Infinite multiplayer to quite a surprise. Yes, there’s now a cosmetic shop for you to purchase armor sets, weapon skins, and everything else you can think of. While the shop itself lists a weekly refresh, there are also a few daily deals to take advantage of. So check back every day to see what’s available!

The shop refreshes weekly on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. PST.

Today’s Halo Infinite Shop

Again, the store doesn’t show a daily refresh, but it does have two slots marked with “DAILY,” so these are likely to swap out tomorrow. If you want them, now is the time to pick them up.

Looking Sharp (1,000 Credits)

  • MK 88 Ratio Chest Piece
  • Model 52 Navy Knife Hip Attachment
  • Stainless Emblem (Profile, Armor, Vehicle, Weapon)

Neptune’s Depth (700 Credits)

  • Neptune’s Depth Bulldog Weapon Coating
  • Cloven Seaform Armor Coating
  • Room Sweeper Spartan Pose

This Week’s Halo Infinite Shop

If you’re on the fence about these items, the good news is you have until Tuesday to decide if you want them!

To keep things simple we have a thumbnail array of each item. If you want to see them in a higher resolution, just click the name in the bulleted list below!

Anubis Armor Set (2,000 Credits)

All of these items are exclusive to the Mark VII armor core.

  • Arctic Void Armor Coating
  • Anubis Helmet
  • Sabertooth Helmet Attachment
  • Buckingham Visor
  • EFREM Left and Right Shoulder Pads
  • Type SP Knee Pads
  • Vigilant Watch Spartan Pose

Splinter Desert Bundle (1,500 Credits)

    • Splinter Desert Armor Coating (Mark VII)
    • Steering Aid Warthog Attachment
    • Splinter Desert Vehicle Coating for All Vehicles

Halo Infinite Item Shop FAQ

Can I Get This Item Any Other Way?

According to one of the preview posts from 343 Industries, one of the big focuses of Halo Infinite is to keep everything in a “single reward vector.” What this actually means is everything in the game comes from one source. If you can earn something from the Heroes of Reach battle pass, don’t expect to see it in the shop. If there is something unlocked from completing the single-player campaign, that will be the only way to get it. Likewise, if there’s something in this shop, chances are the only way to add it to your collection is to pay for it.

 The one current exception to this plan is that there may be times when content that was previously allocated to a specific partnership or promotion may be released broadly at a later date. This specific example is largely to address the fact that in many cases, partnerships and promotions have very limited windows and might not even be available to all players.

How Much Do Credits Cost?

Credits follow a pretty straightforward exchange rate with every 100 Credits worth approximately one dollar. You can get more bang for your buck, however, by buying the larger bundles which come with bonus currency.

These are the current bundles:

  • 500 Credits for $5
  • 1,000 Credits for $10
  • 2,200 Credits for $20
  • 5,600 Credits for $50
  • 11,500 Credits for $100

If you’re wondering why this post is even live right now: Halo Infinite’s campaign is still coming out next month, but 343 Industries and Microsoft have decided to put the first season of its multiplayer out early as part of a beta test. All progress and purchases made will carry over to the full release on December 8.


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