Tips for How to Beat Glavenus – Monster Hunter: World Guide

Glavenus has a distinctive look and a strong reputation. It was one of the legendary “Fated Four” monsters in Monster Hunter: Generations. Now Glavenus is making its big screen debut for Monster Hunter fans the world over. In fact, the metallic menace is literally in Monster Hunter: World with the release of Iceborne. That’s right! You, too, can finally get burned alive by molten iron on a big T-Rex tail. Glavenus doesn’t play around… That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to beat Glavenus in Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne!

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Monster Hunter Glavenus Iceborne

Glavenus Attacks: Monster Hunter World – Iceborne Guide

As a Brute Wyvern, Glavenus lacks some of the mobility of its counterparts — especially compared to some of the other creatures introduced in Iceborne. It makes up for this with its massive size. Glavenus has a great deal of range via its tail and body, which it will use to tackle and slice you in wide arcs. On the bright side, the monster’s arms are small and basically vestigial. That means you don’t have to worry about short, sharp swipes if you get close! That means standing underneath its legs is safer than most other spots.

The creature’s signature move is biting its own tail. This applies an explosive element to its normal tail spin attack — further increasing the monster’s range and applying fire damage. Speaking of fire damage, Glavenus can shoot burning projectiles from its mouth. This is a quicker burst of damage, compared to the concentrated stream you might expect from Anjanath, so don’t expect it to give you the same generous window to deal damage.

The projectile also leaves behind a burning pile of goo. This does damage if you touch it, naturally, but also explodes after several seconds. Steer clear of the impact zone even if you dodge the initial shot! Besides the mouth blasts, Glavenus also launches fire damage out in an arc when its tail is super-heated. This applies fire damage and will knock you back.

One of the most dangerous Glavenus attacks is when it beats it tail down like a club. This is sometimes a single strike that launches forward towards a specific player. However, when the monster becomes enraged, Glavenus follows this attack up with a second tail slam just slightly to the left of where the first one landed.

Tips to Beat Glavenus: Monster Hunter World – Iceborne Guide

Beating Glavenus is all about understanding the tail. And there are a couple things to note. First off, biting its tail takes a long time. This is a perfect opportunity to deal damage (especially if you have a ranged weapon). You just need to learn the timing! If you stand too close for too long, you will get hit by Glavenus as it releases its now burning tail in a spinning slash attack.

But this is also a perfect opportunity to beat Glavenus to the punch. Dealing significant damage to its head when the monster bites its tail will cause its mouth to explode. This delays the bonus fire damage, flinches the creature, and deals significant damage. It’s a risky move, but pays big dividends.

A Light Bowgun or Heavy Bowgun might be your best bet. These weapons both let you deal significant, consistent damage via Pierce Ammo. Since Glavenus is so large, it’s especially susceptible to this ammo type, especially when it’s standing still. And the consistency of Bowgun ammo versus the Bow Dragonpiercer makes it perfect for flinching a monster — similar to shooting Xeno’Jiva in the chest when it becomes enraged.

Of course, you can also try to cut off Glavenus’ tail. Unfortunately, this is only possible when the tail is visibly super-heated. It’s not easy to sever, but it’s a huge boon if you do — reducing danger and increasing the number of carves you get! The Parkbreaker skill naturally makes this much, much easier.

Glavenus Armor Monster Hunter

Glavenus Armor: Monster Hunter World Guide

Glavenus armor provides some very interesting bonuses. Like a lot of Iceborne Master Rank armor, it can raise the cap on a particular skill. This time it’s Maximum Might — which raises your critical hit chance by a total of 40 percent if your stamina is full. At level five, the 40 percent bonus triggers immediately when your stamina is maxed out, and goes away the second you lose any. At levels four and below you need to maintain full stamina for four seconds to trigger the boost, but you get to keep it for several seconds as well.

Meanwhile Normal Shots and Handicraft kind of conflict. The former is only good for Bows and Bowguns. The latter is for melee weapons. So you likely won’t use the entire Glavenus set at one time. Focus also works well on Bows, as well as a variety of melee weapons (e.g. Charge Blade, Gunlance). Whereas Power Prolonger is, once again, mostly meant for melee weapons. Insect Glaives and Charge Blades particularly benefit from it.

Finally, the Glavenus armor comes with high fire defense and a tiny bit of thunder defense. It’s worth noting that the best elemental defense on armor sets is usually 20, though, so there are better options if you’re purely looking to boost that stat.

Thanks for reading another Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne guide. We hope it helps you beat Glavenus in record time (or at least with as few carts as possible). Good luck, hunter!