Some Quick Tips to Know About the Karakin PUBG Mobile Map

When you’re sent down onto an island to fend off 99 other people, knowing the lay of the land can (and will) make a huge difference. In PUBG Mobile, knowing how, where, and when to get the drop on your enemies, and even how best to retreat, can see you through to victory. Karakin—the game’s newest map—may only fit half the usual number of players on at a time, but that doesn’t the action is diluted in any way. This island has it’s secrets. From new weapons and mechanics to a hidden network of tunnels supposedly hidden beneath the dusty rock in the sea, here are three things about Karakin you need to know.

Karakin walls PUBG Mobile

This Place Blows (Up)

Karakin is a more dynamic map than most PUBG Mobile‘s landscapes. By that, we mean its many structures can be outright obliterated, revealing new strategies to those willing to make some noise. If you’ve ventured around the place already, you’ll have no doubt seen the suspiciously out-of-place walls on at least one side of virtually every building.

These are destructible walls. Hit them with a powerful explosive and they’ll come crumbling down. You’ll certainly alert nearby players doing this, but by tossing one of the new timed sticky bombs at the wall, you can trick your enemy into thinking you’re about to storm through the newly-formed gap like a SWAT agent. Sneak in through another door, window, or staircase instead, and you’ll really fake them out.

Karakin Panzerfaust

The Panzerfaust is Strong Here

Keeping up with the whole explosive theme of this little island, it’s also home to a WW2-era weapon—the dreaded Panzerfaust RPG. Anyone with experience in Payload mode will know the terror of projectile explosives in PUBG Mobile, and while the Panzerfaust isn’t quite as disruptive, it certainly is destructive. You’ll find the Panzerfaust all over Karakin, but with it being single-use only, you’ll have to make your one shot count.

The panzerfaust deviates pretty quickly when fired. Aiming at a far-off target isn’t going to amount to much, but send it flying through an open window and you’ll almost certainly KO anyone in the room (and maybe even blow open another entrance for your allies to storm for some real shock and awe).

Karakin tunnels

Make Use of the Tunnels

Although most of the action takes place around the Karakin shoreline, bunkers are scattered far and wide, holding little secrets of their own. In a similar vein to using destructible walls to open up more paths and positioning options, certain bunkers house destructible floors, revealing a network of tunnels to those willing to seek them out. Bomb your way into a tunnel and you might come out with a full bag and in a safer spot than before.

Careful, though. It’s hard to gauge where one bunker will spit you out. In fact, not all bunkers across Karakin have tunnel entrances. If someone sees you heading into a completely closed bunker, they’ll have you pinned. The only way out is the way in.

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