These Top 10 PUBG Mobile Teams Will Compete At DreamHack Dallas

Misfits retain their place despite a ban on their teammate

Phase three of the ESL PUBG Mobile Open came to a close over the weekend. With barely a noticeable shift in the top 10 standings since phase one kicked off in March, we now know which teams will be jetting off to the DreamHack Dallas final later this month.

Saturday saw six PUBG Mobile matches played across the two groups of teams still in the competition. Some were too far behind to earn a place in the final, while others were fighting to keep their places. Take a look at the difference between the final Phase 1 and Phase 3 standings, though, and you’ll see that the Top 5 carved out their positions and held solid week after week. SPACESTATION GAMING, Misfits, Nova Esports, Confound, and Temp Storm, we salute your resilience.

Managing to stand their ground this week doesn’t mean those top-tier teams secured many chicken dinners on the last day of playoffs, though. The first match of the day’s Group 1 competition saw Totality take the prize from Nova. That’s a third-place team losing out to those who finished in 18th place overall. Game’s two and three saw the top 10 competition fight back, with ninth-place players Bloodline taking game two from SPACESTATION GAMING. The first-place champions then came back with a vengeance to claim game three. That’s how you get those points!

Moving into group two and we were presented with a similar situation. Confound retained their fourth place position by winning Game 1. 12th place Squad on Me took second and 17th place team “error” took the third and final game of the group.

With phase three out of the way, all that’s left is to wait a few weeks for the ESL PUBG Mobile Open DreamHack Dallas final. 34 teams went into last weekend’s leg of the competition, but only the top 10 could advance to the next stage. Last week’s shockingly close call on points between the top three teams has widened since, but the standings remain the same. Your top 10 teams, and thus those you’ll be seeing on stage at DreamHack this time around are as follows:

  2. Misfits
  3. Nova Esports
  4.  Confound
  5.  Tempo Storm
  6.  Pittsburgh Knights
  7.  Lights Out
  8.  TwistedSin
  9.  Bloodline
  10. Method

But it isn’t just about the winners and losers; It’s about the journey along the way. Clutch moments, epic fails, and a spontaneous boat trip made the highlight reels, and the ESL Open Twitter account managed to clip all but one of my personal favorite moments of the weekend.

There’s the sad realization that WonderBoyz TopKill’s medkit spamming in the circle actually didn’t carry them to victory, and that time we cut to Misfits enjoying a leisurely boat ride with so much cash on the table.

But one they decided wasn’t worth a mention was Nova Beowulf’s accidental descent down a cliff in game 2, separating him from the rest of his squad in the middle of a tense firefight. Dilly from Polar Ace Esports running himself over was yet another reminder that taking part in something like the ESL PUBG Mobile Open doesn’t mean you’re incapable of accidentally throwing a match. We’re all human.

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