The Ramp Lord of the Board Achievement — How to Do a 1080

The Ramp is a fun little game/toy I’ve written about a few times already. It’s fun to just mess around with, but it also comes with a few built-in challenges in the form of achievements. Most of these are easy enough to accomplish, asking you to pull off a long grind, spin in the air, or even just crash one hundred times. But one of them can take some doing, so I thought I’d explain how I unlocked it.

The Lord of the Board achievement in The Ramp requires you to perform a 1080 degree spin. Unlike the Big Ambitions achievement, however, you can’t earn this one on the Megaramp level. That means you’re going to have to do it the old-fashioned way.

So, load into the pool map, and maneuver over to the right side of the area. The bottom of the “L” shape is the best place in The Ramp to build up speed. Some players seem to prefer the halfpipe, but I find it hard to pull off big spins there without launching yourself off the side. Try and get some speed going by taking advantage of the steep sides. Remember, hold the crouch button when you’re going up the side of the pool and when you’re rolling back down.

When you actually go for the 1080, make sure you start turning before you take off. The Ramp tells you this in its tooltips, but it’s easier said than done. Start turning too early, and you’ll lose your height and just whip around the bowl. Turn too late, and you don’t get enough rotations to complete the 1080.

You turn quicker when performing tricks than you do in the default position, and I found that a Melon was the easiest trick to pull off as a 1080 (performed by pushing the right control stick left). It might take a few tries, but with a little practice you’ll be busting out huge rotations and claiming the Lord of the Board achievement. If you need a little visual explanation, check out this Twitch clip from streamer SCXCR. Good luck, and happy skating.


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