The Quarry Tips Guide: 9 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Looking to survive the night? We have a few The Quarry tips for you.

In need of The Quarry tips? Don’t fret, we’ve been through the night in Supermassive Games’ latest horror game and are here to tell the tale, and hopefully make your own stay in Hackett’s Quarry a far more pleasant one. This guide has 9 tips on The Quarry that cover everything from combat to exploration.

If you’re looking for more help, we have guides covering all tarot cards and evidence locations, how to solve the Jacob puzzle, a PSA on how to avoid spiders and what other dangers are featured in-game, and a tips list.

The Quarry Tips 2

The Quarry Tips

1. You Can Move the Character in the Pause Menu

Just as a fun fact. Either click and drag when using a mouse and keyboard or move the right analog stick on your controller.

2. You Should Inspect Objects of Note Twice

Light spoiler to exemplify, but during the first free-roam segment with Laura, you can choose to snoop the trunk of the car. If you do, she discovers a document, which she glances over. But the game doesn’t tell you that you can return to the trunk and interact again to actually inspect and read the letter in full.

Sometimes you get to read the text in full, while often times you obtain an extra dialogue. It’s a small detail, but it really adds up to the experience and the background of the characters, especially if you’re interested in actively learning more.

3. Being Quiet is Often the Good Strategy

You’ll learn soon enough that shouting and making unnecessary noises is going to draw unwanted attention your way. As such, whenever you have the chance, stay quiet. Go loud only when you need to, or when you’ve already been exposed.

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4. Shooting is Often the Bad Strategy, Except for the Obvious Case

Initially, this tip only focused on how shooting is often a bad strategy, and I stand by it. Weapons are already scarce enough, and you never know when you’re actually going to need them. Moreover, some characters aren’t actually trying to hurt you, so it’s best to think before acting — especially if there’s a friend of yours that could get hurt by your actions in the process.

That being said, and listen carefully — if you’re in immediate danger, just shoot. Don’t make the same mistakes I did for giving a creature that clearly wanted to kill me a second thought. There are several things that can be solved further into the game even if you do act like this. Someone losing their head, however, isn’t one of them.

5. You Can Replay Visions to Get the Better Picture

Every time a chapter ends you’ll meet a tarotist. If you managed to find any tarot cards, she will first read them, and then give you the option to see a vision of the future. The problem is that these visions are often blurry, but you can replay them in the Tarot menu to get the full picture — including the characters involved.

6. You Can’t Scum Save

Sorry, it’s not possible. I’ve tried to ALT+F4 my way out of bad decisions and the game had cleverly auto-saved already. May your gut guide you to safe outcomes.

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7. When You’re Holding Breath, Just Wait Until The Very Last Second

At least in my experience, this worked every time. As long as you don’t let go of the button, just wait until you’re just about to run out of air, and you should be good each time.

There was only one exception to the rule, which is a small spoiler, but if you’re worried about a sequence where Jacob is hiding in the bushes and someone is stalking him, there is a short scare there where the stalker is going to return — if Jacob has been covered in blood, you’re safe from harm.

8. If They Give You the Option to Leave or Continue Exploring, There’s Probably Something of Note

One of The Quarry tips you should keep in mind involves the choice of leaving or staying in a place. If an NPC asks you this and you haven’t really explored that much, it often means that there is an important item that you haven’t found or inspect. Could be a tarot card or a piece of evidence, but hey, it’s always worth spending a bit more time just in case.

9. You Can’t Run, But You Can Walk Faster

Unfortunately during exploration sequences, it’s not possible for characters to run. That being said, you can walk faster by pressing LB/L1 on your controller, or whichever key you have assigned on PC when using a keyboard.