The Outer Worlds The Frightened Engineer Walkthrough – Quest Guide

In The Outer Worlds, a significant moral conflict has divided Emerald Vale, the first major area you’ll encounter. A Saltuna cannery is the beating heart of the corporate-run settlement of Edgewater. Many of its workers have deserted their posts in protest of the oppressive conditions, and have set up an outpost at the botanical labs at the north edge of the region. One of them is Thomas Kemp, a man who fancies himself a budding engineer. He can be found near the workbench in the botanical labs area.

Kemp is the source of a side quest called The Frightened Engineer. He asks you to help teach him the basics of engineering by retrieving three instructional volumes for him. If you make sure to exhaust all of your dialog options with Kemp, you’ll begin the quest with two of them marked on your map. The third can be tricky to find, though. In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find all three volumes of A Young Spacer’s Guide to Mechanical Engineering, and what you get for completing The Frightened Engineer quest in The Outer Worlds.

Volume 01

The first volume of the Guide to Mechanical Engineering can be found in the community center to the south of the botanical labs. It’s sitting on a desk in the second floor offices. Head up the stairs to the right of the main lobby to get there. There’s a chance you may have visited the community center before this point as part of the side quest The Long Tomorrow, so it’s entirely possible that you’ve picked up the guide before.

Volume 02

During your initial conversation with Kemp, he might mention that he knows the location of the second volume of the Guide to Mechanical Engineering. It can be found in the cannery back in Edgewater, up on the second floor of the factory. Head in through the front door and up the ramp to the walkway above. Follow it as it turns a corner, and you’ll see a door to a storage closet on your right. The volume is sitting on a crate just inside.

Volume 03

The final volume of the Guide to Mechanical Engineering is easily the most well-hidden of the three. Kemp says that he thinks it might be located in the geothermal power plant, but that’s about all the help you’re going to get. Head over to the plant and prepare to travel to its depths.

At the back of the plant you’ll find a multi-leveled circular room known as The Pit. You’re going to need to descend down a pair of ladders to the bottom of the room where a poor man named Higgins is raving about non-existent phantoms. The last volume of the Guide to Mechanical Engineering can be found on the ground nearby.

Return to Kemp

Once you’ve collected all three volumes, it’s time to make your way back to the botanical labs and hand them over to Thomas. Each volume you turn in will net you a good chunk of money, and if you give him the entire set he’ll reward you with a powerful armor mod.

And that how you complete The Frightened Engineer quest in The Outer Worlds. Did you find all three volumes? Let us know in the comments!