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The Outer Worlds Prismatic Hammer Location - Science Weapon Guide

You can find one of the best weapons in The Outer Worlds almost immediately.

The Outer Worlds is home to a whole host of wacky weapons. The most ridiculous of these are called “Science Weapons.” They’re basically concepts straight out of pulpy sci-fi novels — all with unique properties and found only in specific places throughout the game. You can even find a couple of them almost as soon as you start the game! You just need to know where to look.

“Where to look” is usually determined by your quest log. Computer terminals and certain items will update your ongoing quest for Science Weapons with clues and markers. However, these often require lots of legwork. You might either need the right skill, to complete a certain other quest, or spend a ton of Bits (in-game currency) on data. Yet none of that is (usually) necessary!

Instead, you can actually find most Science Weapons in The Outer Worlds… just out in the world! They’re just laying around in boxes and such, which is sure to make some speedrunners very happy one day. The quest markers only make these semi-secret areas more obvious!

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Outer Worlds Prismatic Hammer

The Prismatic Hammer, in particular, is easy to find. It’s also incredibly powerful. With enough stats in 2-Handed Melee or Science, it completely annihilates nearly any enemy you come across. It also doesn’t require ammunition, being a fuck-off huge hammer, and has a decent amount of range for its weapon class. Why? Because when you do a charged up Power Attack with the Prismatic Hammer, it creates a frontal shockwave of elemental damage. I’ve been using this sucker since I found it and one-shotting multiple foes with a single strike. Even “mega” monsters don’t stand a chance.

Besides the shockwave, the Prismatic Hammer can also do damage of every elemental type. That means you don’t need to worry about switching weapons as often. Automechanicals will die just as easy as well as flesh-and-blood enemies. You just need to cycle through the damage types by swinging the hammer normally.

To use it, however, you need to get it. And that requires getting to Groundbreaker. This is only the second major zone in The Outer Worlds, though, so that shouldn’t take long. Before going there, you can also get one more Science Weapon, the Shrink Ray, from Phineas in his hideout. Although it’s not nearly as powerful as the Prismatic Hammer (in my experience).

Once aboard Groundbreaker, you have a couple options. But the one we’re interested is to immediately to your left after you pass the security desk (and likely learn that your ship was impounded). Look for the big loading area full of crates. Behind those boxes is a small dwelling full of bunk beds for the stevedores around the docks. There’s not much inside, besides some things to steal. Above the bunks themselves, however, is a ventilation shaft that leads into a secret area. Climb up a box onto the beds and crawl through the hole.

Prismatic Hammer Outer Worlds

Now you should save your game. And, depending on your playstyle, this is where you might want to start sneaking. That’s because there are several enemies — including one massive mech — guarding the area. The easiest method is to just kill them outright. The Outer Worlds isn’t terribly hard. You can complement this by using consumable buffs, ally abilities, and Tactical Time Dilation.

Once everyone is incapacitated, check the bodies. One of the human enemies will have a key. And this opens the door near the back of this secret area! Inside is a terminal with details about the Prismatic Hammer (that basically just say what I explained above). Next to that computer, inside a tiny safe, is the Science Weapon itself. There you go! That’s all there is to it.

It’s also possible to get past the guards without fighting. Although the door requires a whopping level 60 in Lockpicking. That’s likely much higher than you will have at the start of the game. Otherwise you can pickpocket the key from the guard, if you have the right skill. Consider completing all the side quests back near Edgewater, too, if you need the extra XP. Quests give the most experience in The Outer Worlds by far.

Once you have the Prismatic Hammer, enjoy! It’s wickedly powerful. But like all Science Weapons in The Outer Worlds, it can’t be modified. You can tinker with it, though — basically just spending money to increase its level and damage. It’s a great investment for all those Bits you might have laying around.

Thanks for taking the time to read our latest guide to The Outer Worlds! I hope you enjoy your brand-new Prismatic Hammer (and all the destruction it will rain down upon your foes). Be sure to check out our full review of the game, plus any other guides we have on the site, for additional aid. Take care!

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