The Medium Thomas Memory 2 Guide – Hidden Tape Reel, Pig Butcher Boss

Another break from our time with Marianne in The Medium. This is our last Thomas Memory and this time there are some actual monsters on the prowl. Thankfully, this encounter is much more straightforward and linear which should make it a bit easier on the brain. If you’ve been pushing through the game in a single sitting, you’re probably getting a little worn out. There are still three different areas left after this though, we’re not quite at the end just yet.

Thomas Memory 2 Walkthrough

Continue forward, pushing materials out of the way with your powers until you reach an interrogation room. It’s a bit creepy in here. Take a look at the monitors before moving over to the desk with the case file and tape reel on it. Look to your right and add the reel to the player. Listening to it will open the door for us to continue.

Head through that door and keep doing as you were before. Move objects out of the way as needed. Don’t worry about the noise, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

You’ll jump down into a hallway of sorts. There’s some ration stamps on a table to the left, but that’s about it. You’ll see the usual glowing blockage, keeping us from accessing the next door. Time for our next encounter.

The butcher is here and he’s equipped with a head lamp. It’s not super obvious, but this light hurts you for as long as you’re in it. Try to keep away from it as much as possible. Your shield does protect you from it for a short time which is important when you need to duck under some hanging pig bodies. Once you reach the back of the room, a switch will turn on the conveyor of pigs, letting you through. In the back corner you can climb up to a catwalk above everything. Head back to the front to stumble your way across a beam, opening a suitcase, and examining a knife inside. This will give you the spirit energy fountain you need to blast away the blockage.

A door at the end leads us back to the interrogation room. Look through the window and the whole wall will burst out of your way, letting you inside. There are a few documents to inspect waiting for you. Check out those monitors again and then use your Insight on the desk to get another tape reel. This will open the door for another escapade inside this dreamscape.

Same story as before. Keep pushing forward and watch out for collectible notes along the way. Just before you cross over a beam, you’ll see a drawer filled with files laying on the ground. Interacting it will bring it into view, but there’s nothing there. Use your Insight to find the hidden note.

After eliminating both of the monsters, you end up walking towards a door. There’s a drawing on the side table to view before you head inside. Once that’s done, just keep on walking, eventually you’ll come upon your final destination, triggering a cut scene.

Next up? We’re at the Red House for real this time.


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