The Medium Thomas Memory 1 Walkthrough Guide – Angry Tentacle, What is That Thing?

For the first time, we’re playing as someone other than Marianne. Now we take control of Thomas’ otherworld half. In this first of The Medium memory sequences, we’ll be solving some puzzles in a mansion and trying to find our way through a maze multiple times. The good news? There are no collectibles here, just objects to find and listen to.

Trigger Warning: There’s lots of audio depicting physical and emotional abuse of minors in this part of the game. Sexual abuse is heavily implied in the voice over lines but there is no explicit audio of it.

Free Richard From His Demons

A lot of this area is linear. Follow the trail and put up your Spirit Shield when the tentacles attempt to attack you. Get some practice in. If you time your blocks perfectly, the tentacles will be killed rather than just being unable to damage you.

Once you’re in the house, go to the left and grab the knife on the table. After this, the game will basically hold your hand as you go from room to room with smaller puzzles inside each.

When you get to the office room, you’ll notice what looks like a burning mass of tentacles we need to clear. First, we need spirit energy though. This isn’t like with Marianne, however. Thomas doesn’t feed off of good energy. Interact with the pipe on the desk and then use Insight to spot the item inside the drawer below. Then head over to the fireplace and interact with the two objects there. This will charge the fireplace with the negative energy you need. Absorb it and then Spirit Blast the vines away before being sucked into the painting.

Walk Through the Maze

Sadly, this is the maze it appears to be. There are no collectibles here, just objects to help you understand more of the backstory. At the first fork, head left to a dead end with a drawn portrait on the bench before doubling back. Keep walking down the path, going either way at the fork. Both paths come out to another open area. There’s food on a cloth you can interact with. As you continue on, don’t miss a small package on the ground to your left. You should soon arrive at another fork. Going left returns us to that central area, so keep going straight. This is the end of the first area as you arrive at a monument.

Go to the Next Room

After you get back to the main house, go up the stairs and into the next room. There’s a talking tentacle in here which wants you to bring “that thing.” Use your Insight to pick any item from the room and bring it to it. You need to do this three times. There is no correct answer. The tentacle will get angry and smash the chair to bits. What you need to do is perfectly parry its attacks to kill it, unblocking the path. Absorb the negative energy in the bedroom. Proceed down the hallway, blocking the tentacle attacks. Once you’re finally in the next room, Spirit Blast the tentacles again and we’re back into the maze.

Walk Through the Maze Again

Things are darker this time, but it’s the exact same maze. There’s another drawing to look at and eventually you’ll stumble upon the area above. Make sure to check the little alcove to the right for another food wrap. To the left is the proper path and a partially opened package from the last time we were in the maze. Follow this path to complete this experience.

Go to the Next Painting

Now we’re in the attic. There are lots of items in this room dealing with the Nazi genocide.

  • Collaborator plaque on the desk.
  • Note on the desk to the left of that.
  • A cabinet to the right which has a container with a Star of David inside.

Once you have all three, a noose will drop down, giving you the energy you need to blast into yet another painting.

Walk Through the Maze One Final Time

Things are really dark now. Immediately to your left is the drawing which has been completely blacked out. Keep going straight, making sure to at least block the tentacles along the way. Eventually you’ll reach a rose bush which withers away as you view it.

Double back and head left at the above fork for the usual food interaction and the fully revealed package. This area isn’t blocked anymore, which it would have been had you come here first. This path leads to the monument one final time where there’s another bush of flowers to touch.

We’re finally done with these escapades. Absorb the negative energy of the door and keep walking straight before blasting the pillar of tentacles underneath the monster to complete this memory.

In the next level, we go back to see what Marianne is up to next.


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