The Medium The Dayroom Walkthrough Guide – Face Globe, Sheet Music Solutions

Now that we’ve finally reached The Dayroom, it’s time to try and figure out why Sadness led us here. The Medium has to start revealing some things eventually, right? In the next part of our walkthrough, we’ll help you solve the puzzles in the Dayroom including the face globe and piano sheet music pieces.

Investigate the Dayroom

For now, we’re trapped inside. There are a few offshoot rooms, but one is blocked in the real world. Along the right-hand wall there are a few things to grab: the first piece for a complete sheet of music, and a Mentor’s Diary note. There is a Memory Shards in the center of the room, so make sure to complete that too. On the left-hand wall there are two Mentor’s Note collectibles and a drawing of horses with an Echo. When you have those, head to the back left of the room. There’s another music sheet piece there and we only need one more.

Head inside the door to your left. It should be the only one you can enter thanks to the bugs and your drained spirit powers. Inside here there’s another diary entry on the table and a globe you can interact with. It’s missing a piece, however.

Double back to the opposite side of the room and use your out of body experience to get inside. The final globe piece is right by the camera. We’re using an image from slightly later in the game because it makes things clearer, make sure to look back here. Don’t worry about the rest of the room, we’ll be back with both of our bodies shortly. For now, return to the globe and solve the puzzle. Here’s how it works:

  • When you move the eyes up, the mouth comes down.
  • Move the mouth up, the nose come down.
  • Move the nose up, the mouth comes down.

You want to get it in the correct order of eyes, nose, mouth. When you get it right, a tentacle will grow around the  globe, giving you the ability to rotate the surrounding tentacles, opening up new areas.

While you eventually want to rotate it far enough to the left that you can get outside, stop halfway through to collect an eerie drawing. After that, go outside and into the room that was just next to you. There’s a piano inside which needs the completed music sheet so we can charge our Spirit Shield and move on. In the real world, a nearby desk has a Memory Shard to witness. Near the camera, to the right of the door, is the key we need to enter that other room with both our bodies at the same time. Grab it, cut through the door skin, and go unlock the door.

There are a few collectibles in here. On the table is a pen case with an Echo and there’s a pair of glasses on the desk which contain another Memory Shard. See the image above if you’re confused. Just next to that is the final music sheet piece. Take that, combine all three, and return to the piano. Use it on the piano and recharge your spirit power. Use your shield to push through all of the bugs and down the stairs.

As you push further into the room, in the direction of that giant hand out the window, keeping to the right. Underneath the landing is your final Mentor Diary and you should unlock an achievement for it. The last thing to do is interact with the easel. It’s the first of a few Memory Shards in the area. A Spirit Trail will lead you to each of them before you end the level by sitting on the wheelchair.

Trigger Warning: There’s lots of audio depicting physical and emotional abuse of minors in the next part of the game. Sexual abuse is heavily implied in the voice over lines but there is no explicit audio of it.

In the next level, we take control of Thomas and his experience in the otherworld.


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