The Medium Red House Guide – Starting Generator, Lifting Engine

We’re back in Marianne’s shoes for the next section of The Medium gameplay. In this part of our walkthrough, we’ll get you to the red house, helping you navigate your way through the woods, grabbing collectibles along the way.

Find the Red House

Well the monster outside is gone and now we can finally explore this new area. When the camera shifts and you’re at a crossroads, go left into the other square area. There’s a postcard and another phone booth with an Echo here. After that, head back down and continue the path.

You’ll eventually come to an overlook. There are multiple objects here to interact with. As far as we can tell, the periscope doesn’t do anything. On the bench next to it is another postcard. You soon come across a sign which tells you to go either left, to the Landscape Trail, or right, to the Rare Tree Exhibit. There’s a collectible to the left so take that path. It’s yet another postcard on a bench.

Soon there’s a little path to the right. Feel free to try and explore this, we missed it in our playthrough but noted it in our footage.

Continue down the path, descend the stairs, and under the broken bridge. There’s a few dead deer along the pathway. They aren’t exactly looking great even though they’re dead.

After you’re scared by the dog, don’t follow it just yet and go down the lower path. It’s blocked at the end, but there’s a postcard to grab before moving on. It’ll lead you to a small camp with dog food to feed it. Do so, then head left instead of right. There’s a clothesline here for some reason and Marianne will comment on it. Then follow the dog to Francis’ camp. Inside the tent is a photo, postcard, and a chance for Marianne to comment on the body. Make sure to do all three before backing out because a cut scene starts immediately after.

Run. Keep running until the bridge collapses as you cross it.

Deal with the Monster

Now that we’re free again, at least for now, descend the rubble and balance your way across a beam. We checked the preceding area and didn’t find anything of note. Circle around to the area where Jack’s ghost was to find the tie you put on him when the game started. Follow the path, descending deeper into the ruins. There are no collectibles here and there’s really no way to get lost. Keep pushing forward.

As you open a grated door, there’s a photo of you and Jack on a barrel to the left. You don’t get much further without getting interrupted, however. The monster is back. Run down the hallway, ducking under the hole and pulling the cement mixer away from the wall to collapse the materials above it. This gets us away from the monster for now. Use your bolt cutters on the door and head up the stairs and back outside.

You should see a rail line with a generator at the end of it just before a closed gate. The switch is missing and the generator is out of fuel. Thankfully, the area right next to us has gas. Head under the archways and inspect the ground for the canister. Bring it back to the generator (on the right side), and open the cap on the top before using the fuel on it. You can also push the button to start the engine. This will save us some time later.

Go back under the archways and climb up the nearby wooden structure, using the bolt cutters to lower the bridge. Naturally, this attracts our monster friend. Carefully walk to the right and along the ledge to another balance test, crossing directly above the monster. After you’ve done that, do it one more time as you narrowly make it across alive.

Time for some stealth. Wait for the monster to walk all the way forward to the light and crouch walk your way forward. Be careful about the birds in the grass. They’ll call it to your location. Once he returns to the light, sneak your way to the winch on the right side and cut it loose. It’ll drop some materials off to the right, distracting it long enough for you to sneak inside.

Follow the path, carefully sneaking your way around. You’ll see a lever on the ground that we need to open the door. That’s the last thing we need to be done for now. Keep going along to use the lever on the door and push the generator into the water. This will shock our monster friend out of existence for now.

Go through the door and descend down. The game will spit you out back outside. Keep walking to trigger a cutscene with Sadness.

Get to the Red House

As you approach the shack, there’s a pack of cigarettes on the ground with an Echo. Don’t miss it. To the right of the entrance is a spirit alter missing an object for it to be fully charged. This is what we need right now. Inside the shack there’s a carved wooden horse with an Echo. Crossing through the next entryway, we find a bike which Marianne will comment on and a tape recorder Echo on the floor. One more collectible can be found using Insight on the suitcase.

We need to get through the garage door, but the handle for the jack is missing. It’s underneath the engine which needs to be winched up. Grab the doll from the table to the left of the garage door, head back out, and drop it off, charging your spirit energy.

Once you have that, return to the button which will raise the engine. Go where where I marked “stand here” above and go out of body. Then walk outside where the arrow is pointing, swinging around to the left and climbing up the balcony into the attic. Use a Spirit Blast to charge the fuse, combine your bodies again, and press the button. You have to do this quickly because the power only stays on for a short time. Go into the hole, grab the lever, and combine it with the jack.

Enter the Red House

We’re through! Before walking up to the door, check out the left side of the building for a Memory Shard on a gasoline canister. There’s another one near the entrance too. Right as you think you’ve finally arrived, the building bursts into flames. To move on, head to the left of the building, closer to the camera than the first Memory Shard, and interact with an object on the floor to start a cutscene.

Next up? Thomas Memory number two.


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