The Medium Red House Mirrors Puzzle – Secret Door Code

Now we’re really in the Red House and The Medium really starts to reveal what’s actually been happening this entire time. There’s going to be a lot of bouncing back and forth between the four different rooms of the house so we’re going to number them to make things easier to digest.

Real World

  1. Grab the two family photos on the floor. Right side of the room.
  2. Grab the note near these photos on the blocked doorway.
  3. Interact with the locked dollhouse.
  4. Turn around and interact with a butterfly frame.
  5. Get the final picture frame from above the fireplace.
  6. Put them down in this order: tall picture, circle frame, long picture. (Order they were taken)
  7. Go through the mirror.

Other World Living Room

  1. Cut open sealed container on back wall.
  2. Collect butterfly inside.
  3. Examine fireplace, collect mask from inside the fire pit.
  4. Go back to the real world.

Real World

  1. Examine doll house.
  2. Pick up tiny mirror.
  3. Move to top right bedroom.
  4. Go through the mirror.

Top Right Room

  1. Examine trunk at the foot of the bed.
  2. Place butterfly on first slot.
  3. Cut open container on bedside table.
  4. Place this butterfly on the second slot.
  5. Go back to the real world.

Real World

Move the mirror to the top left room. Go back through the mirror.

Top Left Room

  1. Pick up fish toy from table in front of the mirror.
  2. Cut open container on the same wall. Grab butterfly inside.
  3. Examine bed, move pillow to get the Mask of Calm.
  4. Cut open skin door on the right side of the room.
  5. Put Mask of Joy on the left doll and Mask of Calm on the middle doll.
  6. Head back to the real world.

Real World

Move the mirror back to the top right room. Go through the mirror.

Top Right Room

  1. Place butterfly on right most square.
  2. Combined fish toy with the mobile.
  3. Place this butterfly on the third square, opening the crate.
  4. Collect the mask inside.

Once this is done, return to the real world, move the mirror back to the top left room and add the final mask to the right-most doll.

This may have been patched at release, but after you do this you’ll be swarmed by bugs. What you’re supposed to do is rush back to the mirror and go through. It’ll shatter as you do so, giving you access to the basement. However, you can survive the bugs and stay in the room. If you do this, the mirror won’t shatter as your return to the real world. Hopping back into the other world will cause your game to get stuck and you’ll need to reload your most recent autosave.

The Basement

Now it’s time to go on a collecting spree. To the right of the stairs you just came down (before the camera swaps angles) is a note and a side room. Inside that wine closet is another note on the floor. Back in the main area there’s a small shoe, a teddy bear, and a syringe, all with an Echo. At this point you should get an achievement for collecting every echo in the game. Finally, there’s a note in the corner.

There’s a room to the other side of the stairs we came down. Head in here for another note and a locker you can cut open with your bolt cutters.

Once you’ve completed all of these things, shimmy on through the crack in the wall. The code for the lock, which you can get a clue for by using your Insight to see the used keys, is 1966. Shortly after entering, you end up in another chase with the monster. Get to the end of this corridor to move onto the last big puzzle of the game.


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