The Medium Pump Station Water Puzzle Walkthrough Guide

The final big puzzle in The Medium is a combination of four rooms. There’s the control room and three different water storage tanks. Feel free to walk around and get your bearings as we’ll be doing some bouncing back and forth. When you’re ready, head to the east chamber using the layout above and head up the stairs to the control room, flipping off the switch to avoid getting electrocuted.

Opening the Water Tanks

There’s a note on the control panel for the facility and a few different diagrams to try and get you to understand what you need to do. We’ll make it easier for you. We need to completely empty the central and east chamber of all water so we can get down to the lowest level and go through the door. To do this, we need to open both water ranks. Doing that is only possible by visiting the lowest level of the west and east chambers so we can open the valves which are closed. But first, we need to turn the power on.

Head back to the east chamber where your path is blocked by water in the real world. Switch to an out of body experience and go down the stairs. There’s a spirit well just to your left which is all we need for now. Go back to the control room, open the door towards the west chamber and Spirit Blast the fuse box to restore power.

Now transfer the water in the west chamber to the central chamber. Now we can visit the bottom floor of the west chamber. Descend to the bottom and use your Spirit Shield to get through the bugs. Make sure to sprint if you didn’t go back to charge yourself to full power or you’ll die. On the other side, open the valve, go out of body to charge your abilities, and head back up top.

Move the water from the central chamber to the west chamber and half of it into water tank one. While each main chamber holds two activations, each water tank only holds one. With that done, we can now move all the water from the east chamber into the west and central chambers.

Same story here, get to the bottom, realize the valve is missing, and walk a bit further forward to find it in a locker. Use your bolt cutters, grab it, and use it on the valve, turning it to open our final water tank. Back up top move one charge of water into water tank two and the remaining water into the west chamber. That’s it! Both chambers we need clear are now empty.

Go back down to the bottom of the east chamber and through the door next to the locker which is now open. Of course, our monster friend shows up. You need to move fast here as it’ll actually notice you pretty quickly. Go out of body and run into the room to the left. End your out of body experience once you get into the corner to go back to the real world. Now you can run past the monster and flip the switch to electrocute it.

Now we’re into the bunker, our final location!


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