The Medium Niwa Hotel Walkthrough Guide – Second Floor Elevator, Flower Vase Solutions

The next level gets us to the main location for the game: The Niwa Resort. We have some traversal to do first, but by the time we’re finished here, you should have a good idea as to what you’ll be dealing with for the rest of the game.

The Road to Niwa

We might be at the gate, but we aren’t inside yet. There’s a map immediately to your right, a locked gate directly in front of you, and a security room to the left. Inside is a collectible postcard on the floor in a suitcase. Grab this before going outside and to the left of the security room. Hop up onto the dumpster and climb over the fence.

Follow the road down to a fork in the path. You’ll have a cutscene here, but back up a bit and head away from the footprints you can see with your Insight. You can kneel down to inspect the footprints here. Back the way I just mentioned is a memorial for World War 2 soldiers. Now we can follow the footprints. Eventually you’ll stumble upon a tree with a heart carved into it. Inspect that. Continue on until you come to an old fort. Head inside by going down the stairs.

You’ll once again be split into two here. Climb on up and you’ll see your path is blocked by a barrier in the real world. We need to restore power to the fuse box. Go to the right to find a drawing on the floor in the other world. To the left is a path that will let us charge our spirit power up. After doing that, go back to the fuse box and use your Spirit Blast to restore power.

Upon exiting, follow the path. There’s a dead deer off to the right here, and later on you can hang another right to see another monument with a creepy mechanical monkey on it. Outside of that, keep walking and you’ll go under a downed tree. Welcome to Niwa Resort.

Make Your Way Into the Resort

Once you finally get to the Niwa Hotel, you’re dropped into an incredibly large parking lot. This is easily the biggest open area of the game and it can take a long time to check every corner for collectibles. Thankfully, we can spare you that effort and instruct you exactly where to go.

If you head away from the camera and towards the left, the viewpoint will eventually shift and you can either stay on the road, or go down a small set of stairs into an area for people to walk and sit. Head down here first. Keep going along to the left and you’ll find a magazine sitting on a bench. In this area, the game uses a lot of writings on the ground to clue you in. For example, there’s a yellow X partially obscured by leaves right where the magazine is.

Follow some of that signage to your left and up the stairs and the camera will move once again with a beat down red car in sight. It’s here we want to go to now since we’re close by. If you don’t investigate now, you’ll have to come back anyway.

There’s a butterfly drawn in chalk next to the window you want to look inside. Someone has been living in the car and there’s a postcard collectible sitting on the seat. It’s easy to miss, but look to your left before you back out. A switch on the dashboard will open the trunk of the car. Inside is a screwdriver which we’ll need for later.

Now we can leave and trudge across the parking lot to the right. There’s a pillar just prior to the courtyard that you can examine, detailing the founding of Niwa. Keep heading in that direction as the camera changes, to the opposite side of the courtyard. Go along for a bit and you’ll find a hopscotch pattern written in chalk, again. Completely normal to find at an abandoned hotel, right? Use your Insight and you’ll see footprints on the game.

Double back and as you get close to the hotel Marianne will get hit with a burst of energy(?) from the other side. As you approach, the nearby phone will start to ring. Approach it, pick up the phone, activate you Insight and rotate the object. You’re looking for a glowing bit which will activate a voice recording. These are known as Echoes and are one of The Medium’s collectibles.

After completing that, head up the stairs and approach the doors to the Niwa Hotel. Attempting to open the door will reveal, surprise, it’s chained up. We’ll have to find another way in. Go to the right instead, and you’ll see another one of those butterflies. Time to use the screwdriver we just obtained to open the door. Head inside and get behind the dumpster. Push it all the way forward so we can use it to climb up onto the balcony and into the hotel.

Search for Thomas

Rather than searching for Thomas, we’re going to grab all the collectibles in this area. Immediately to your left, on the floor, is a shoe imprinted with an Echo. Up the stairs to your left, you’ll enter the hotel’s reception area. To the right are three chairs, one of which has a magazine on it. There’s a poster to read on the wall behind them.

On the opposite side, with the window facing the area you just came from, there’s another magazine on a table and a map of the hotel on the wall. There’s nothing super important among these, though I really don’t appreciate a spooky game having anything that has the words, “Why do my teeth fall out?!” on them, even if it is a kids magazine.

We’re done in this part of the area, so head towards the reception desk. There are two posts laying against the wall near the elevators, another with the name “Vivienne” next to reception, and a collectible postcard behind the elevators on top of a smoking table. Finally, there’s a guest book at the center of the reception desk.

Once you’ve done all of that, head towards the buzzing sound and flickering lights behind the metal bars that you really want to but also don’t want to walk towards. It’s locked. There’s a flashlight on the ground and maybe someone watching us. The bell at the front desk starts ringing.

Do as Marianne says and interact with the bell. Welcome to the Niwa Hotel!

Get to the Second Floor

Now that we’ve once again been split between two worlds, we need to find a way to get both halves of ourselves up to the second floor. The elevator dings and you can safely go over and get inside. Naturally, it breaks down, trapping the real world half of you inside. You’ll need to follow the on screen instructions (on PC it’s F) to have an out of body experience and let your otherworld body move independently.

You can only stay in this mode for so long before your connection fades to black and you’re teleported back to your real world body, so don’t dawdle for too long.

Step outside onto the first floor and note the fuse box to the door’s left. We need to charge it using some spiritual energy. If you pay close enough attention (unlike me), you’ll notice a glowing white area in the background on the first floor. That’s where we want to head. Remember how the stairs are complete in the otherworld? Head down them and back towards the entrance of the hotel then over to the energy totem before gobbling it up.

You don’t have time to walk back, so just hold the same button you did earlier to return to yourself. Back in the elevator, separate yourself again, step outside, and Spirit Blast the fuse box to charge the one in the real world.

With that done you can opt to explore the first floor though there isn’t much other than another floor plan next to the elevators and a poster leaning against the railing overlooking the ground level. Now that you’ve unlocked the out of body experience, you can go downstairs and get through the gate which blocks us in the real world. Behind where the flickering flashlight was is an eerie drawing.

When you’re ready, head back into the elevator and up to the second floor. There’s nothing waiting in this room for you other than another floor map that’s fallen onto the ground.

Meet Sadness

Hope you’re a fan of long hallways because this is our first of many. After being startled by a bug, keep walking. In the real world you’ll see an open door, blocked by a barrier. In the other world there’s a locked door and you need the key. That’s our next objective.

Take a few steps forward and you’ll be swarmed by bugs. Summon your Spirit Shield (middle mouse button on PC) to make sure you survive as they pass by. As you approach your actual destination, you’ll once again need to have an out of body experience to get the key inside the room. You can continue walking down the hallway if you want. All that awaits you is a bunch of skin blocking the way. After you’ve grabbed the key, and combined your bodies again, head back to our locked door, use it, and go inside.

There isn’t anything inside the room other than a giant hole in the wall to look through. This just shows you the way forward. Next to the door is what should have been a closet, but it’s a few connected bathrooms thanks to a hole in the wall.

Now we’re in the room that we were just looking at. Next to the window there’s a phone with an Echo on it. Time to jump down the hole.

This is where we actually have to start bouncing back and forth a good bit, applying what we just learned. There’s a vase on the table which you need an item for and a weak spiritual well that needs to be charged up. We need to find the right object.

Hidden Collectibles

If you’re looking for collectibles, head away from the camera and to the right. There’s a bathroom back here with a pill bottle, complete with an Echo, and a note to add to your collectibles. The camera will swap and if you head away from the camera and back out into the hallway, you’ll see why we need more spiritual energy: more bugs. Walk towards the viewpoint and down the hallway to find an eerie drawing collectible.

Double back to the room again and interact with a book to your left which is surrounded by white floating fragments in the spiritual world. This is your introduction to Memory Shards, another collectible type. One last thing remains in the room, an old prescription which is located just under the camera’s viewpoint.

Head outside onto the patio, and walk to your right. The floor will collapse in the real world, making it necessary to have yet another out of body experience. Keep going past another skin door and shimmy across the ledge and into the room. You can’t do much in here until both of your bodies are together again. What we want to do is look into where the bathroom should be. Inside is a tub that we need to drain and a razor at the bottom. This will cut open those pesky skin doors.

Combine your two bodies again, go back onto the patio and do open that skin door right up. Once again, check the far side of the room for a bathroom. The mirror has an Echo to obtain. Now that we’re inside interact with the flower which we’ll need to take back to the vase, combining the two and charging our spiritual energy. To the right of the flower is an object with a Memory Fragment.

Now that we’re charged up, use your Spirit Shield to go through the moths. You’ll come across an open door, go into the stairwell and climb on up. There will be a laundry cart blocking the door, push it away, and head inside. We’re back to that other gross skin door. Cut it open too.

More bugs, more Spirit Shield. Move fast because you might run out of shield and start to take damage. If you do, just run through, you’ll probably be fine.

In the next room is another old newspaper and a crate on the floor with a note and some documents to inspect.

Interact with the door to conclude this part of the level. Click here for the next part of our walkthrough.


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