The Medium Niwa Hotel Part 2 Walkthrough Guide – Free Souls, List of Names

Now that we’ve escaped the monster for now, we need to reunite with Sadness and figure out what the heck is going on. Thankfully we now know to look for her communication methods. To kick things off, interact with the radio on the desk which is blinking and making sounds. Sadness will talk to us by changing the radio stations. Read on for the next part of our The Medium walkthrough.

Follow Sadness

After Sadness has finished talking to you, she’ll light the way to the Dayroom using lights around the hotel. It’s not a far trek. Once you go through the set of doors, the Dayroom is right in front of you. There’s an easy to see poster to interact with, but a much harder to find note hidden to your left. Go up the short staircase and the camera will swap directions. Walk back towards the camera and you will find a Trouble Man’s Note.

Once you interact with the door and find it bolted shut, Sadness will continue to lead you with lights and opening doors. Eventually you’ll come out to a balcony overlooking a pool. Take your time to explore this area, though you’ll be back later if you miss anything.

Jump down from the ledge and walk around the outside of the pool, noting the blood on the wall. Once you get to the other side, you’ll have an opportunity to jump down. There are multiple entrances and exits to the pool. You’ll find two Echoes here, one inside the pool on a barrier and another to the left of the exit door on another barrier. Make sure to use your Insight when you hear the whispers. There are lots of objects here like toys you can’t interact with yet, but don’t worry, those are for later. After you have those, move through to the next area.

This shower area may be a bit confusing to some folks. You can interact with and push a cart out of the way, but mysteriously there’s nothing inside. As I mentioned, we’re going to be back and until then you can’t actually do anything in here. Feel free to move the cart and then crawl through the hole.

Once you’re through, check out the bloody clothes pile on the ground for an Echo. There’s also a note in a box in the back right corner of the room.

Follow the next hallway, curving up the stairs and into yet another hallway. Once you’re to the top, double back toward the camera to find yet another Troubled Man’s Note. You’ll begin to hear whispers as you proceed away from the camera, passing a locked door to your right. There’s even a creepy mirror you can look into. (God I hate those things). At the very end of the path is a chained door back too the pool area and a pile of rubble that’s fallen from above. Interact with this to get the next step: get the bolt cutters.

Follow the Spirit Trail

With nowhere else to go, head away from the camera and Sadness will get you back on track. Follow her spirit trail, interacting and finding echoes on all of the objects she highlights. You’ll be jumping down into the pool, climbing back out, and going down again before eventually heading back to that room with the cart. You’ll need to crawl through the hole again. The last step is to interact with the locker to your left which has the words “It looked back at me,” inside. Please, no.

There’s a note on the shelf above the words and a white cat statue on the ground. Grab the cat and head back up to the mirror for the next part of the level.

Send Bernard’s Soul Away

We just crossed over to the other side. Great. Try as you might, you can’t get back through the mirror. Go up the stairs and then take a left. You’ll find the trapped soul of a young boy. Thankfully, we have yet another spirit trail to help us.

Follow it towards the camera and down the other side of the hallway past the dozens of faces stuck in the wall. There will be a skin door to your left, a hole in the wall with blood leading out of it to your right, and a drop into the abyss in front of you. If you head to the end, you can see where the bolt cutters are in real life, but that does you no good right now. Before you go into the hole, there’s an easy to miss prompt for Marianne to comment on all of the people stuck into the walls.

Inside there’s a spirit well and a mirror you can’t get through yet. Now head back out, cut open the skin door, and use your Spirit Shield to get through all of the bugs. They’ll clear out pretty quickly and stuck on a pillar in the middle of the room is Bernard’s mask.

Bring this back to Bernard’s body and the structure will melt away, giving you access to a Black Cat Figurine. Now we can jump between worlds at will. There’s not time to rest, however, as the monster immediately starts chasing you again. Run back to the bloody room and hop into the mirror, back to the real world.

Get the Bolt Cutters

Take a few moments to catch your breath and when you’re ready, shimmy through the broken wall. Surprise! Our new friend followed us into the real world. Walk towards the camera and crouch behind on the the dressers making sure to hold your breath (Left Alt on PC) when it gets close. It’ll smash down the door, giving us access to the next area. Before you ask, yes, this will be a routine thing we’ll need to deal with from now on.

As much as it hurts to move towards where the monster just went, that’s what we need to do. Out and to the left is the overlook with the bolt cutters. We’re so close, yet so far.

Across the hallway is the examination room. Listen to the Echo from the phone on the wall and note the locked door which we’ll need to open. Time to hop back into the other world.

Free Victoria

Just inside, right in front of the camera is another eerie drawing collectible. The second you leave the room, the camera will change, revealing two more trapped souls we need to help. Interact with both of them before leaving. You’ll be given two different spirit trails to follow. We opted to go right, back into the room we came from.

It’ll lead you to the table where Marianne will remark about the object being in the real world. Jump through the mirror and the key to that room is on the floor. Use it on the door, head inside, and go left. At the end of this section there’s a trash can with a collectible post card inside. 

After you have that, double back, and head the opposite way. Keep in mind there’s a spirit trail to follow at all times if you get lost. Just use your Insight ability. Now we jump through another mirror to help cross this gap. Shimmy along the ledge before crossing over again through the mirror on your left. Head away from the camera and enter a room on your left.

The monster is inside. You can take your time, hiding behind the desk on your left, as you learn his movement patterns. Work up the courage to hold your breath and follow behind him as he passes. We need to crawn under a desk on the opposite side of this area. He’ll burst through some materials and you’ll need to do this again. Be very careful as it’s incredibly hard to see him against the glass background. Once you’re through that door, you’re in the clear.

Follow the spirit trail into what we learn is Vivienne’s manager’s room. There’s lots of things to interact with in here, but only one Echo on the bedside table on a Vivienne promotional card. Jump through the mirror and fine Vivienne’s mask stuck into the wall.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know Vivienne’s real name. Back in her real world bedroom, check out the phonebook next to her bed. On a desk is a bracelet with the names “Ellie & Tori” on it. Now to figure out which is right. Use your Insight vision to find the ripped out piece of paper on the floor. Combine it with the notebook and give each of the four Echoes a listen.

With that you can head through the locked door, into the hallway, back into the mirror, through the areas we just finished, and free Tori.

Free The Other Soul

Now we head to the left. Inside that room is an eerie drawing collectible in the back. Make sure to grab it before climbing up the stairs. The man’s mask is impossible to miss, blocking your path forward. Grab it and move onto the real task: finding their name. Crossing a short bridge, get back into the real world via the mirror inside. There’s an Echo to the left side of this conference room on a phone. Don’t miss it.

Out in the hallway, walk away from the camera and to the left into a conference room. On the table is an attendance list, but we don’t know who’s who. At the far end of the table is an ash tray with an Echo on it. It’s mission critical so you can’t miss it.

This can be confusing for some. Go back to the list and make sure you interact with the prompt next to #9. It’s easy to miss at the bottom of the page. Then go to seat 09, circle around to the opposite side of the table and interact with seat 04. One more check of the list will reveal we’re looking for Nicholas.

If you thought it’d be easy to get back to Nicholas in the other world, you’d be wrong. Our monster friend is back. We had good luck and got down the hallway fast enough that the monster walked out of the room and down the hallway away from us. See if you can’t also do that. Just remember to hold your breath!

When you’re back in the other world, free Nicholas, note how close you are to the bolt cutters, and enter the room to your right before jumping to the real world.

Get the Bolt Cutters For Real

Grab the collectible note on the desk right in front of you. If you head into the far room with the flickering light, you can finally collect those pesky bolt cutters.

Back the other way, there’s a bloodied wheelchair with an Echo on it. You can also interact with the table to the right of the chair, after which Marianne will make a comment. Look down, too. There’s a hidden collectible note here as well.

Now that we have those, it’s time to make quite a trek. Go into the hallway towards the camera. Cut the bolts on the door to your right and go inside. Descend the stairs and there’s another door to use the cutters on. Once you’re in that original hallway again, go towards the pile of rubble where you first saw the bolt cutters. There’s a door you can use them on to your left. This will bring you back to the Dayroom where you can finally use the cutters to get inside.


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