The Medium Funeral Home Walkthrough Guide – Jack’s Tie Clip

After the The Medium’s introductory cutscene, you’re dropped into an apartment above the funeral home where you’ll eventually finish the level. As you explore, keep an eye out for white dots which transform into a mouse icon as you get closer. These are interactable objects that can be important information, backstory, or just world building objects like posters. While there’s no achievement for finding all of them, there are a few which reward you for interacting with a high number of interactable objects in a single playthrough.

Once you gain control of Marianne, wander over to the coffee table where a calendar book lies open. Reading it will provide you with some backstory on your adoptive father’s schedule. Once you’ve finished, hit “Q” to back out and head on over to the double doors, interacting with them to move forward.

Everything in this level serves as an introduction to the mechanics of The Medium including adding items to your inventory, combining items, and using your powers.

Find Jack’s Tie Clip

After you’re scared by the cat, head straight across the hallway. The door to your left will not open and Marianne will comment on how you need to find Jack’s tie clip first. Technically that’s all you need to do to proceed, but there’s an entire apartment full of other information to explore.

Inside the first door to your right, you’ll find the kitchen. There are a number of things to discover here, namely an empty cat bowl. Though it just frightened you, the kind thing to do is head on over to the counter and pick up the cat food can, adding it to your inventory. After you’ve done so, walk back over to the bowl and interact with it to feed our feline friend.

On the kitchen table you’ll find a local newspaper which provides some backstory on the current world news. It’s also the first confirmation of the game taking place in 1999.

Photo Collectible

As you probably expected, you’ll want to head towards the red light next and into the photography darkroom. Instructions, duct taped to the wall, inform you how to develop a photo.

  1. Illuminate photo for five seconds.
  2. Dip in multigrade for three seconds.
  3. Dip in stop for three seconds.
  4. Dip in fixer for three seconds.

This isn’t the only time you’ll be developing a photo during The Medium, so take your time figuring it out. What we want to do is pick up the top photo from the stack of paper all the way to the right of the desk. Next, place it down onto the wooden table underneath the development lamp. Then follow the instructions. Turn on the lamp for five seconds, listening for the ticks of the machine. Turn it off when it’s time, pick up the photo, and move through the next few steps. Add it to each liquid bath from right to left, leaving the photo inside for three seconds each time. If you don’t leave it in long enough, Marianne will comment on how you need to wait longer. If you’ve done it correctly, the name of the photo will change when you add to to your inventory. Complete this to add a photo of Jack to your collectibles.

That’s all there is to find in these two rooms. Next up, head to the second door on your right, across from the door which prompts you to find Jack’s tie clip. This is the bathroom and there’s not all that much in it outside of a copy of 1984. While you can pick it up and examine the book, there’s nothing here other than a quick comment from Marianne.

Now it’s finally time to head the way the game wanted us to originally. Head back towards the den and then down the hallway towards the double doors, stopping to enter the open room to our left. The cat is in here along with a ton of items that remind Marianne of Jack. Examining the wall to the left will let you look inside a small box that should hold Jack’s tie clip, but it isn’t inside. Here the game will introduce you to your Insight vision which shows you the tie clip is under the clock. You must have insight vision active to interact with the clock and push it aside. It’s important to remember this for later because it’s the only way you can progress sometimes.

If you want to simply move on, take the clip and head back to the aforementioned door to continue on and skip to the next header below.

To explore, glance up and have Marianne talk about the collection of pins, head on over to Jack’s desk and look at the picture of you two, and finally glance at the picture to the right, above the couch.

After that, the double doors await you. Inside is Marianne’s old room. She’ll comment on the collection of butterfly pictures to the left, the orphanage photo on the desk, and a few items on her dresser near the mirror. Here you discover Marianne has been dealing with her “condition” since she was a child. You also find out that she had second-degree burns to 35 percent of her body when she was young.

Get to the Funeral Home

Now that we have the tie clip, the door we couldn’t access before will let us through. There are no collectibles here, so feel free to follow the path the game wants you to take. Go down the hallway, across the balcony, and descend the stairs. You’ll come out to an open courtyard with nothing to find other than a plaque on the wall near the door which reads “The Last Goodbye Funeral Home.”

The door you want is immediately to your right, also with a plaque confirming the business, but it’s locked. Thankfully, we started with the key in our inventory. There’s some graffiti on the wall which Marianna will comment on.

Once you’re done, use the key on the door and head inside. The Prep Room, which you’re looking for, is immediately to your right. Surprise, it’s locked too. Time to find the key. Move towards the camera and into the open door to the right side of the screen. This is Jack’s office. Take your time to look around, but it’s his desk that we’re here for.

The key is easy to find, laying on top of a book. There are also some notes on a recently deceased person and another picture of you two. Other than that, we’re good to head back to the Prep Room door and open it with the key we just got.

Take the stairs to the camera’s left and go through the door at the bottom. Marianne will wonder aloud whether she’s ready for this. You can walk around the room, but there’s nothing to do other than open the morgue doors and pull Jack out. After doing so, you can immediately interact with Jack but the game won’t let you add his tie clip. This may confuse some, but you need to back out and combine the tie clip with the tie that’s resting on the stool next to you. Until you try to use the tie clip on Jack, the game won’t let you pick up the tie itself. Now you can add the tie to Jack and have a cutscene play.

Check Upstairs

Well, things just got creepy. The lights are flickering and the game wants you to check upstairs. For once, I’d rather stay down in the morgue where we know things are safe. Head back up the way you came, trying not to get spooked. As you reach the main room of the funeral home, the room to Jack’s office will close itself. Naturally, you’re expected to open it and go inside. Things are a mess, the cat is freaked out, and a shattered vase is on the floor. Interact with it to conclude the mission.

Next you’ll head on over to Niwa. You can find our walkthrough for that mission here.


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