The Medium Bunker Power Walkthrough Guide – How to End the Game

It all starts with a dead girl.

Now that we’re inside, it’s time to unravel some things. Once you’re in, head to the left and into a storage closet. There’s a note inside along with a book and a medicine cabinet that Marianne will comment on. If you walk over to the power switch and mess with it at all, the breaker will trip and we need to find another power source.

With no electricity, everything has been shut and we have no choice but to go down the hallway and into Lily’s room. It’s the only open door since it was broken down from the inside. Take the fuse from the panel next to the door. Grab the note on her desk and interact with the five interactable objects inside. On the way back, check out the smashed up door.

Inspect the power panel and replace the blown fuse. Turning on all of the power switches will cause the breaker to trip, forcing everything off again. We don’t need all four switches turned on. Rather activate them in this order: switch one, switch two, switch four.

This opens all of the doors including the kitchen across the way. Check out the food on the table, a note on the table hidden from the camera’s view, and the broken mirror. Fixing this is our next priority. There’s one shard on the kitchen counter.

In the next square area, a bathroom can be found to the left. Our second shard is here, on the floor. There’s also a radio on top of a washing machine which we couldn’t get to work.

Down the hallway there’s a third and final room: Thomas’ office. He’s got a few interactables, two notes, and the final glass shard.

Use them all on the mirror to complete the game! Congrats, you made it!


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