The Division 2 Class Guide: Specializations, Weapon Unlocks, Grenade Unlocks

The Division 2 doesn’t have classes in the traditional sense, but the sequel to Ubisoft’s loot shooter is adding late-game specializations to help you define your character. The publisher chose not to have players select their niche at the start of the game for the series’ debut. The same remains true this time around.

Upon reaching level 30 in The Division 2, you can choose one of three specializations: Survivalist, Demolitionist, or Sharpshooter. Each comes with a signature class of weapon and some new skills. Although, this being a loot shooter and all, you’ll still find variations of all the equipment — as well as mods — as you progress through the game. Nothing is completely set in stone.

But for now, let’s take a look at what each of those classes has to offer (based on what we know about the game so far)! And be sure to check back later for our full specialization guides once the game is out.

Division 2 Survivalist

Survivalist: Stealthy and Hard to Kill

Survivalists are, as their name heavily implies, great at staying alive through traps and status effects. They unlock a special crossbow to help them silently eliminate enemies, too. If you find your back against the wall, this is also the only class that gets the old fashioned frag grenade. Players just getting into the game might appreciate that degree of simplicity and similarity to other third-person shooters.

Signature Weapon Unlock: Explosive Tipped Crossbow

Grenade Unlock: Fragmentation

Division 2 Demonlitionist

Demolitionist: Crowd Control at a Distance

If you like explosions and fire, the Demolitionist is the specialization for you. This class gets a grenade launcher and has incendiary grenades, to boot. That should make them perfect for controlling large numbers of enemies. Since the first Division focused heavily on defending yourself against waves of incoming baddies, that’s probably a useful trait to have.

Weapon Unlock: M32A1 Grenade Launcher

Grenade Unlock: Incendiary

Division 2 Sharpshooter

Sharpshooter: For Those That Like to Snipe

Sharpshooters are for the sniper fans out there. That’s right; we know who  you are and we don’t judge (much). While The Division 2 has marksman rifles, they’re not quite the same as the TAC-50C AM Rifle that this class gets later in the game.

You will also unlock flashbang grenades to complement the concussion grenades everyone gets at the start of the game. Both explosives should let you disorient nearby enemies and relocate to a better sniping position. Once you do, try picking off enemies at range or focusing your precision shots on bosses.

Weapon Unlock: TAC-50C AM Rifle

Grenade Unlock: Flashbang

We don’t know a ton about The Division 2 specialization just yet. Ubisoft is still dropping more information about the game as we speak.

We’ll be sure to update this guide (and the rest of our coverage) with more information as we get closer to release, too. Until then, feel free to check out any of our other guides for The Division 2 elsewhere on the site.


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