The Best Hunter Exotics in Destiny 2 (July 2020 Meta)

Hunters are spoiled for choice when it comes to Exotics in Destiny 2. They’ve got some of the best options for both PVE and PVP play in the game, with Exotics that upgrade their already-powerful supers, enhance their abilities, and make them even harder to kill, the rascals. Here are my picks for the best Hunter Exotics in Destiny 2 right now.

We have plans to update this guide following the launch of Beyond Light. If you’re seeing this, we haven’t yet gotten around to it or are waiting on more information. Check back soon!

1. Celestial Nighthawk (PVE)

When you need something dead and you need it dead now, Celestial Nighthawk is your Exotic. Paired with Way of the Sharpshooter, Nighthawk helps you waste irritating powerful enemies (looking at you, Ogres in Crown of Sorrow) as well as put the hurt on bosses. Just make sure to land your shot.

2. St0mp-EE5 (PVP/PVE)

The best Exotic I can never remember how to spell, St0mP-EE5 are in that class of Destiny footwear that enhance your agility, like Warlocks’ Transversive Steps and Titans’ Dunemarchers. Crucially, St0mp-EE5 also increase your slide distance, which helps tremendously in moving through firing lanes in Crucible. They even improve your hops, which makes them useful in tricky PVE platforming scenarios too. There are more powerful subclass-specific Exotics available to Hunters, but some folks just can’t live without their St0mp-EE5.

3. Liar’s Handshake (PVE)

Even post-nerf, Liar’s Handshake is an incredibly powerful Exotic. Using its Cross Counter perk in conjunction with a One-Two Punch shotgun and Combination Blow lets you deal out devastating hits as long as you can keep getting kills. It requires some setup that can be tricky in tough encounters, but if you’re able to get those melee hits in then Liar’s Handshake can give you some of the best offensive potential in Destiny 2.

4. The Dragon’s Shadow (PVP)

Hunters have the best all-around PVP class ability in Dodge, and Exotics that improve it can be tremendously useful. The Dragon’s Shadow is the more offensive cousin of Wormhusk Crown, reloading your weapons and increasing your weapon handling and speed for a short while after dodging. I can’t overstate how strong this is — it can easily turn a losing gunfight into a victory.

5. Wormhusk Crown (PVP)

While it doesn’t have the potential power of The Dragon’s Shadow, Wormhusk Crown is probably easier to use. It turns your dodge into an emergency survival button, giving you a crucial edge that can help you hold a Control zone or outlast an enemy.

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6. Ophidia Spathe (PVE)

Do you like throwing knives? Then suit up in Ophidia Spathe, which gives you two knives per melee charge. Jack up your Mobility, equip Gambler’s Dodge, and get stacks of the Playing With Fire buff to turn yourself into DIO and throw limitless knives at your hapless foes. For extra fun, run with the Exotic auto rifle Monte Carlo.

7. Orpheus Rig (PVE)

It’s suffered multiple nerfs over the last year, but Orpheus Rig is still a great Exotic. It helps keep you tethering your enemies while also generating Orbs of Light for your allies, making it an all-around useful choice for high-level PVE play where supers can make difficult encounters much easier.

8. Foetracer (PVP)

The Hunter version of One-Eyed Mask has never been quite as high profile as that infamous Exotic, which is fitting for Destiny‘s sneakiest class. In PVP the Foetracer turns you into the Terminator, not only helping you track your enemies but making it easier to take them out once they’re hit. Probably the best Crucible Hunter Exotic that isn’t powered by dodging.

9. Raiden Flux (PVE)

Arcstriders aren’t always the most useful hunters in PVE activities, missing out as they do on the tethers and orb generation of Nightstalkers and the team buffs of Gunslingers. But maybe you’re going solo anyway, Hunter that you are. In that case, the Raiden Flux turns you into a one-Guardian wrecking crew. Best results with Way of the Current.

Those are my picks for the best Hunter Exotics in Destiny 2 right now! Did I miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.


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