The Best Decks in Legends of Runeterra – February 2020 Meta

With collectible card games, half of the battle is making a strong deck with cards that work well together. Legends of Runeterra is no exception, and as the open beta continues, the game’s meta has started to form. Whether you’re hoping to climb the competitive ladder or just get a feel for what is powerful and popular, looking at the top decks being played can give you a good idea of what to create. Our Legends of Runeterra Best Decks guide will help you get a grasp on the current meta!

General Notes

Before getting into the decks themselves, here are a few notes about the current Legends of Runeterra Open Beta meta:

  • Ionia is a powerful region. Lots of top decks use cards from the region, though it’s not always the main one used. Additionally, a lot of decks use the Champion Zed from Ionia, so finding good counters to Zed and other Ionia cards is a good idea.
  • Midrange decks are all the rage right now. Midrange decks usually try to control the field early on with minions, then get extremely aggressive a bit later on. Generally, midrange decks want to try and wrap things up before the late game begins. These decks are countered by wrestling early-game control from them or holding out until the endgame.
  • Players are still trying to figure out their favored champions. While midrange decks are popular at the moment, the way of crafting those decks — and the champions being used within — are still being changed on the daily. Now is the best time to experiment!

legends of runeterra heimerdinger

Best Legends of Runeterra Decks

Now, let’s get into the best deck currently available during Open Beta. Popular decks are bound to change as patches and tweaks come out, so keep an eye out for the new meta whenever Riot releases a new patch! Additionally, the meta of Legends of Runeterra is still forming as players fill out their collections, so be prepared for some big shifts as more top players enter the competitive field.

Remember with all the decks below, you can copy and paste the deck code and get the deck directly into Legends of Runeterra. It’ll even tell you what cards you’re missing!

Shadow Nexus Aggro


Decks of Runeterra Information

Deck Contents:

  • Champions
    • Elise x3
    • Darius x2
  • Followers
    • Hapless Aristocrat x3
    • Legion Rearguard x1
    • Precious Pet x3
    • Arachnoid Horror x3
    • House Spider x3
    • Frenzied Skitterer x3
    • Crowd Favorite x2
    • Rhasa the Sunderer x2
    • Commander Ledros x1
  • Spells
    • Black Spear x2
    • Brothers’ Bond x3
    • Glimpse Beyond x1
    • Vile Feast x3
    • Culling Strike x2
    • Might x1
    • Noxian Guillotine x1
    • Whirling Death x1

As mentioned above, midrange decks are popular at the moment in Legends of Runeterra, and this extremely aggressive deck is a good counter to those. Shadow Noxus is built to hit hard and fast, controlling the board quickly and not allowing slower decks to get a foothold. This deck is tried and tested, too, and was the first deck to hit Master rank.

Fiora Barrier


Decks of Runeterra Information

Deck Contents:

  • Champions
    • Fiora x3
    • Zed x2
    • Shen x1
  • Followers
    • Laurent Protege x2
    • Rivershaper x2
    • Shadow Assassin x3
    • Laurent Bladekeeper x3
  • Spells
    • Purify x2
    • Single Combat x2
    • Deny x3
    • Prismatic Barrier x3
    • Twin Disciplines x3
    • Riposte x2
    • Spirit’s Refuse x2
    • Will of Ionia x3
    • Back to Back x2
    • Judgment x2

A bit different from the other top decks, Fiora Barrier is a midrange deck built to counter the powerful Elusive keyword. Elusive foes can typically only be blocked by other cards with the same keyword. However, Fiora’s Challenger keyword allows you to pick what enemy blocks her, including Elusive foes. Fiora’s win condition when leveled up also helps to counter the Elusive decks, as if they go too hard on a weak offensive, Fiora can just kill them and finish the game herself.

Yasuo Stun/Recall/Repeat


Decks of Runeterra Information

Deck Contents:

  • Champions
    • Yasuo x3
  • Followers
    • Inspiring Mentor x3
    • Greenglade Duo x2
    • Navori Conspirator x3
    • Scaled Snapper x2
    • Shadow Assassin x3
    • Legion General x3
    • Yone, Windchaser x2
    • Minah Swiftfoot x2
  • Spells
    • Guile x3
    • Recall x3
    • Deny x3
    • Steel Tempest x3
    • Will of Ionia x3
    • Decisive Maneuver x1
    • Intimidating Roar x1

Control decks are still being worked out in Legends of Runeterra, but if you really want to try out a deck that knows how to stall and infuriate opponents, the Yasuo Stun/Recall/Repeat deck is the one to play. This is weak in the early game but is incredibly powerful late game. A lot of early and mid-game survival focuses on stunning enemies and receiving buffs around that, becoming more powerful as your opponent is unable to act.

Ephemeral Midrange


Decks of Runeterra Information

Deck Contents:

  • Champions
    • Zed x3
    • Hecarim x3
  • Followers
    • Hapless Aristocrat x3
    • Cursed Keeper x3
    • Darkwater Scourge x3
    • Shadow Assassin x3
    • Chronicler of Ruin x2
    • Rhasa the Sunderer x2
  • Spells
    • Mark of the Isles x3
    • Black Spear x3
    • Glimpse Beyond x3
    • Vile Feast x3
    • Death Mark x3
    • Deny x3

The popular Ephemeral Midrange deck is built to overwhelm your opponent with sheer numbers. For this deck, you play a bunch of weaker minions and whittle away at the Nexus as opposed to big and flashy attacks. Hecarim plays with the Ephemeral archetype as well, so he’s the perfect champion to go with this deck.


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