The 6 Best Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 offers players dozens of powerful Exotic weapons to play around with. These rare guns feature perks that make them stand out from their more mundane brethren, letting guardians attack their foes with gigantic lasers, homing rockets, and more. But you’re only allowed to equip one Exotic weapon at a time, so what should you run? It depends on the activity, but below are my picks for the six best all-around Exotic weapons in Destiny 2. These guns should serve you well whether you’re trading fire in the Crucible, taking on Vex in a raid, or playing Gambit for some reason.

Destiny 2 Rat King

1. Rat King

Sidearms have long languished in the shadows of their more popular cousins, hand cannons, but the Rat King is one little squeaker that you can’t ignore. It fires 300 rounds per minute and is fully automatic, meaning all you have to do is hold down the trigger and watch your enemies drop. It couldn’t be simpler!

Destiny 2 Rat King

2. Rat King

Destiny isn’t all about brute force. Sometimes it pays to be sneaky, like when you’re trying to avoid a Champion’s punishing attacks or get the drop on another player. In those situations, there’s no better Exotic than the Rat King. This sidearm’s got a little secret — reload after a kill and you’ll turn invisible! The Fallen aren’t the only ones who can play at that game.

Destiny 2 Rat King

3. Rat King

At its core, Destiny is a team-based game. In most of the game’s PVE activities, you’ll be fighting alongside two other guardians to accomplish your goals. And if you really want to synergize with your teammates, then check out the Rat King. It’s a great Exotic sidearm on its own, but it really shines when everyone in your fireteam is wielding it. Thanks to its Rat Pack perk, Rat King gets a bonus to clip size and rate of fire when you’re in close proximity with teammates, giving you a powerful edge over pesky Nightfall enemies.

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Destiny 2 Rat King

4. Rat King

Let’s be real here — the true endgame of Destiny 2 is fashion. Players spend hours crafting the perfect look for their guardians and chasing down rare emblems to show off, and Bungie even periodically holds Destiny fashion contests. The game always shows your guardian holding their Kinetic weapon on menu screens, so you need an Exotic you can customize to your taste. Well, the Rat King sidearm has not one, not two, but three ornaments you can use to change its look. Whether you go with the icy Climate Change or the dark Black Plague, the Rat King is the perfect finishing touch for any guardian’s ensemble.

Destiny 2 Rat King

5. Rat King

Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 are pretty powerful to begin with, but many of them can be made even stronger using Catalysts. These items present you with a list of challenges to complete with their associated weapons, and unlock bonuses when you finish them. Most Catalysts improve a weapon’s stats, but one actually gives its gun a whole new ability. The Rat King sidearm’s Catalyst awards the Infestation perk, which makes the already-great weapon even better. With it, you not only turn invisible when reloading after a kill, but also regain health. Talk about a lifesaver!

Destiny 2 Rat King

6. Rat King

Only two Destiny 2 activities — Raids and the Crucible — allow a fireteam of six players, but they’re both modes where you need all the power you can get. Taking on other players and complicated boss battles are occasions that call for something special, and that something is the Exotic sidearm Rat King. It’s a fine weapon in itself, with fully automatic fire and a perk that turns you invisible when you reload after a kill. But when wielded in proximity with five other Rat King users, it achieves its full potential, with a staggering 20 shot clip and a rate of fire so fast it’ll make Calus’s head spin.

Got a favorite Destiny 2 Exotic? Tell us why it’s Rat King in the comments!


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  1. Fantastic guide! I agree with all of your choices, I think you just kinda get me. The part where you were talking about Rat King was pretty insightful. I look at that sidearm in a totally different light now! We should make our own Rat Pack like Sinatra but only with exotic guns instead of gin, cigarettes, and swanky after-hour lounges with Sammy Davis Jr. Bravo, my friend! Bravo!

  2. Ummm…. I thought this was top 6 best exotic weapons and all I saw was rat king. Why just why did you do this??

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