Temtem Tips Guide: 5 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

The Accademia doesn't know squat.

For an MMORPG, Temtem isn’t a massively complicated game. It’s heavily inspired by the Pokemon franchise, making the knowledge most players have gained from Nintendo’s monolithic monster collecting empire over in the past two decades transfer over relatively well.

For anyone new to the creature collecting genre, though, Temtem does an admirable job of delivering brief tips when they’re needed. These quick-fire hints even help to explain some of its more unique quirks to existing fans. But omitting a lengthy and laborious tutorial in favor of pop-out trivia means quite a few things manage to slip under the radar. So to help fill in the blanks and get you trekking around the Archipelago with ease, here are a bunch of bonus hints on the things the game doesn’t tell you.

Temtem hidden items

Kick Those Cans! There’s Loot in There!

Temtem isn’t quite as forgiving as a game like Pokemon. It’s clearly going for a more hardcore approach. Money is difficult to come by and restorative items aren’t cheap. Something Pokemon fans mostly know to do already, but worth pointing out is extra items aren’t just found in boxes on the ground—they’re sometimes invisible pick-ups in places like trash cans, too. If you spent time kicking cans and checking suspicious little dead-ends early on just to come up with nothing, that’s not a sign to give up.

Temtem does still use this hidden trick—just not very often. We kept searching and ended up finding a bunch of helpful items in the trash cans around the Accademia a few hours into our adventure, so don’t go throwing away that time-honored tradition just yet. And with Temtem still being in active development, there’s every chance more items will be added to similar objects down the path.

Temtem quest rewards

Side-Quest Rewards Are Usually Worth It

This may change as the game grows, but right now, Temtem doesn’t really explain its side-quest system very well, if at all. Unlike Pokemon, where just talking to someone is typically enough to get a nice item or two, Temtem makes you work for those goodies. And unlike other MMOs, you won’t get free experience points on top of those rewards. Plenty of the game’s NPCs will ask you to retrieve a key item, show them a specific Temtem, or even be their shoulder to cry on.

There’s some proper RPG side-quests in this game, and they’re worth doing for the sake of saving a bit of cash at the shop. Some items might not be massively helpful or really worth your time, but others, like the Umbrella item given by being a decent tour guide in Arrisola, can really boost your team to new heights. Expect to see some staple competitive items locked behind these little side-stories in the future.

Temtem TV checker

You Can Check TV Values in the Tempedia (But There’s a Catch)

Temtem gain tiny stat boosts known as Training Values (or “TVs”) from each enemy they take out in battle. The number of these extra stats they can take cap at 500 per stat and 1000 total across the board though, so knowing which Temtem to fight to properly distribute these into relevant stats can be tricky. After all, there’s no point using half of your Temtem’s TV allowance on the Special Attack stat when they only know physical moves.

Luckily, the in-game Tempedia keeps tracks of the type and amount of TVs each species of Temtem awards when defeated, making it far easier than a certain other game to figure out which to grind when it comes to training for competitive battles. TVs effect stat growth as Temtem level up, so you’ll only see their full effects at level 100 for the most part. Pokemon fans should just think of these as EVs but with a higher threshold.

You don’t even need to manually count your total TVs, either. Just slide into a Temtem’s stats page and you’ll see them right by their base and SV stats.

Temtem weakness indicator

The Targeting Ring Shows You Type Advantages

One of the bigger struggles with Temtem battles is type advantages. We have a handy type chart here detailing weakness and resistances, but the game’s unfamiliar typing and its creatures don’t lend themselves well to memorizing what’s strong and weak against a particular monster in the heat of battle.

Thankfully, the Tempedia comes to the rescue here—provided you’ve caught the species you’re attempting to outmatch. If you’re struggling to remember the typing of your target and what works best against it, the color of the targeting ring in battle tells you everything you need to know. There’s even a unique sound to help out the colorblind among us like myself.

When preparing to target a Temtem with an attack, the ring beneath them can be one of three colors: Green for 2x damage, White for neutral damage, or red for ½ damage. This will always show as white if you haven’t caught one of the Temtem you’re attempting to target, however, so then it’s back to being a game of trial and error.

Temtem nearby players list

You Don’t Need to Hug A Player to Play with Them

Like any modern MMO, playing with other people doesn’t necessarily mean traversing the big, wide world just to interact with them. Not everybody has time for that kind of work, you know? Temtem doesn’t expect players to be practically hugging before they can interact. There’s a whole easily-accessible menu dedicated to connecting to those who may just be slightly out of reach.

By opening the main menu and going right a couple times, you can open up the Interact menu and find a nice long list of players you can hit up for not only battles and trades, but co-op adventures and item gifting. You can inspect their team before you decide whether to take them on.

They do have to be mostly within the same area/route, though, so don’t go thinking you can pick on little Jimmy as he leaves Zadar from the comfort of the Gifted Bridges. Shame on you.