Temtem Character Customization Guide: How to Change Hairstyles, Clothes, and Dyes

It's good to be you.

Crema’s monster battling MMORPG, Temtem, caters to players across the gender spectrum. The developers appear to understand the importance of seeing yourself in the game and making the adventure your own. Doing so means being able to specify your pronouns (to a point) and not gender-locking clothes. Instead, you merely pick a “body type” and get to work.

There’s a decent amount of options to choose from when it comes to making your character before kicking off your adventure; from hairstyles and tops, all the way to how you run, stand and display confidence in battle. Temtem takes a leaf from modern iterations of its clear inspiration, allowing players to use their in-game cash to pick up dizzying amounts of new character customization options. Who needs healthy Temtem when you can blow your earnings on a donut bag?

Temtem customization screen

How to Customize Your Temtem Character

Unlike some other MMOs, the initial character creation screen isn’t a semi-permanent decision locked behind a paywall if you change your mind.

Your chosen body type, pronouns, and things like skin color can’t be altered beyond this point (right now, at least), but you’re free to buy new clothes, accessories, and hairstyles, and swap them out no matter where you are. Want to dress to impress that NPC before they inevitably yell at you to Temtem up? Go for it. Just open up the Customize menu and redress yourself right around the corner, or before their eyes; it’s your body!

Not quite feeling that gothic colors right now? That’s fine, too. As long as you have the right dyes, you can quickly refresh your wardrobe whenever you want. You don’t even need to worry about bleaching your hair. Just open the main menu, slide on over to Customize, and click on whatever it is you want to equip and you’ll see a nice pop-out menu and the dye option.

Temtem clothes

How to Get New Clothes and Hairstyles in Temtem

Customizing your character at the start of the game is just the beginning. Naturally. The six islands making up the Airborne Archipelago play host to not only different types of Temtem, but plenty of different clothing styles, too.

The first one of these you’ll come across is the clothing store in Arissola. It’s a large, spacious boutique with anything from new tops and bags, to even hairstyles up for sale. There’s not a massive amount on offer at this first pit stop, but the donut bag and loud hoop-earring hairstyle are some personal highlights.

Now, before you get too excited, you’ll have to curb your expectations here. Just like real life, kitting out a whole new wardrobe (or even just a single outfit) isn’t cheap. By the time you first reach Arissola, you might have enough cash on hand for one of these premium items, or maybe two if you aren’t tackling good medical care of your Temtem out in the field.

Being an MMO, the developers need a way to pad things out a bit; to have you coming back for more and working hard to get earn the content you crave. If you want to be some kind of Temtem fashionista, you’re going to have to start slow and work your way up. Don’t go thinking you can afford to look like a runway model every day.


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