Temtem Breeding Guide: How to Breed, Hatch Times, And How To Farm Luma Temtem

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Temtem breeding is an essential skill any serious trainer needs to understand. Careful breeding is the key to acquiring powerful Temtem with exclusive moves and solid stats; two elements competitive battlers know to look for when building their teams. These potential stat differences may appear small, but they can make or break a competition-winning strategy in a pinch.

Breeding in Temtem isn’t a hugely complicated process, but it does have a few quirks in place to limit the possibility of someone playing God and creating a perfect breeding monopoly. We’ll go over all of these minor and major breeding techniques in this Temtem breeding guide. We hope you like eggs.

Temtem compatibility

Temtem Breeding Compatability: Which Temtem Can Breed?

We’ve already covered why you might want to breed your favorite Temtem. While breeding is mostly used in the competitive battling scene, the stat boosts afforded by putting in the hard work can get you through some rough patches with the story if you’re having trouble. But before you get to making Temtem babies, you need to understand how breeding pairs work.

As they say, it takes two to tango. But not just any two Temtem can produce an egg. While almost any Temtem can breed, breeding requires the two Temtem in question to share a type and be that of the opposite gender.

For example, two Fire-type Temtem can produce eggs together, while a Fire and Wind pair cannot. In the case of dual-type Temtem, the other half of the pair only needs to match one of those types to be compatible. Once you’ve identified your pair, it’s time to take them to the breeder.

When producing an egg, the resulting species will always be the base Temtem of the mother’s evolutionary line. No nasty surprises there.

Where to Breed Temtem and Temtem Egg Hatch Times

You gain the ability to breed Temtem fairly early in the game, at the Breeding Center on the island of Omninesia. This is the second island you’ll visit on your adventure. The Breeding Center is found at The Cenotaph area of the map, or Route 5 as it’s also known. It’s just a short walk onward from Nanga, the first village you’ll visit in the region.

If a compatible pairing is deposited into the Breeding Center, an egg should take around 25 real-world minutes (15 if both parents are of the same evolution line) to be produced. Subsequent eggs won’t be produced until the previous egg is accepted by the player.

Temtem egg hatch times differ depending on the offspring species’ typical catch rate, but can take anywhere from 5-45 minutes. Though hatch times aren’t based on steps taken, eggs deposited into the terminal will have their timers frozen until they are removed. Hatched Temtem will be Level 1.

Temtem breeding guide fertility levels

Understanding Temtem Fertility Levels

If you’ve already put some hours into the game without reading up on breeding, you’ll probably have come across the large tree icon on your Temtem’s stats page. The game doesn’t explain what this is until you reach the breeding center, but chances are you’ll have noticed it looking a little different on some of your caught Temtem.

This icon represents your Temtem’s fertility level. Each Temtem can only breed a limited number of times, with this total amount depending on their current Fertility level. Most Temtem caught in the wild will have maxed out fertility level. Though wild Temtem with SV stats higher than 45 will have lower Fertility levels for each applicable stat to compensate. So if you notice your new catch having a less-than-max fertility level, it hasn’t just been popping out babies in the grass; it has one or more “good” stats. Lucky you.

Fertility levels decrease each time a pair successfully produces an egg. The offspring’s fertility level will match that of the lowest parent after the egg is produced, limiting the number of times Temtem of that bloodline can breed.

Passing On Stats And Traits Through Temtem Breeding

When breeding Temtem, the idea is to create an offspring of a particular species with higher stats than its parents through stat inheriting. Inherited stats can come from either parent, though, so breeding a pair with naturally high SVs is generally suggested.

Stat inheritance in Temtem breeding is purely luck based. There is no fixed chance for the whole stat spread, either. Each stat has a 40% chance of being the highest of its parents, 40% of being the average between the two, and 20% of the stat being the lowest of either parent’s.

By buying and equipping a parent with a DNA Strand sold by the Breeding Center shopkeeper, it’s possible to guarantee bred Temtem will inherit the stat specified by the item. There are seven different DNA Strand items, each pertaining to a specific stat. It’s possible to guarantee offspring will inherit up to two preferred stats—one from the father and one from the mother. The other five stats will be determined randomly through the same 40/40/20 method.

When it comes to controlling the trait an egg hatches with, there’s currently no way to guarantee it. Items, much like those used to pass on stats, will likely be introduced over time, but right now, the usual 50/50 chance of a species having one or its other available trait applies to egg hatches, too.

Temtem Egg Moves

Another key part of Temtem breeding is the art of what are known as “Egg Moves.” These are moves a particular Temtem species cannot learn by leveling up; like Banapi’s Roar or Ganki’s Tesla Prison.

When a species with an available egg move hatches, it will have the egg move ready for use. The current egg move pool is slim, and not every species can learn one.

Luma Temtem breeding

Farming Shiny Luma Temtem through Breeding

Using breeding mechanics to up your chances of obtaining shiny or alternate colored creatures in games like Temtem has a long and detailed history, but it doesn’t work exactly as you’d expect here. Breeding does have its benefits when it comes to producing rare Luma Temtem, but it isn’t a great way to get your first of a species.

Currently, breeding two regular Temtem does not increase your chances of hatching a Luma version. Luma hatch rates are set at the same rate as wild encounters. But breeding a Luma Temtem increases the chance of the offspring being of the Luma variety by ten times the normal rate, up to a massive 100-times if both parents are Luma.

So while you probably won’t want to scout out your first Luma of a species through breeding, you’ll certainly want to breed Luma Temtem for some extra trade leverage. This is an MMO, after all.


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