Temtem Best Moves Guide: The Best and Strongest Competitive Techniques

Bamboozle your opponent

Beating your opponents in Temtem is all strategy; there’s no luck involved at all. Critical hits don’t play a factor at all. Knowledge really is power here, and knowing the best moves can help you identify essential party members that compliment your strategies.

In this very work-in-progress Temtem best moves guide, we’re going to go over some of the stand-out techniques every trainer will want to watch out for. But before we get into that, we first need to touch on the types of moves (techniques) Temtem use in battle.

Temtem Techniques and Types

Damage-based moves fall into either the Special or Physical categories. The former uses the attacker’s SP ATK and the defender’s SP DEF when it comes to damage calculation, whereas the latter uses ATK and DEF in its place. Both kinds of moves have Types assigned to them, too; like Fire, Digital, or Toxic—that’s when type weaknesses come into effect. A technique’s damage is increased by 50 percent if the user’s type matches the move, too. We call that STAB (same type attack bonus) and it’s a good one to remember.

Then there are Status techniques. Rather than deal damage, these moves focus on increasing or lowering the stats of the user or target, or inflicting ailments like Exhaust or Asleep.

Finally, there are Synergy moves. These can fall into any of the three categories. Synergy moves gain additional effects when used when a compatible partner is on the field. These unique combo moves can have some truly devastating results.

Best Temtem Moves

Energy Manipulation

  • Type: Mental (+Toxic)
  • Category: Special
  • Damage: 45 (+15)
  • Stamina: 11
  • Hold: 0
  • Priority: 2 (Normal)

This one has it all: it synergizes with a different type, inflicts Exhausted, deals damage, and doesn’t cost the earth to use. When paired with a Nature-type Temtem, Exhausted lasts an additional turn and the move deals even more damage. Synergizing with Nature means getting the most out of Energy Manipulation won’t require a double Mental team, avoiding any disastrous type match-ups.

It’s a great move for a duo like Houchic/Kaku early on, but a perfect move for Adoroboros, who’s typing allows it to synergize with a Nature Temtem’s Urushiol in return.

Who can learn it? Houchic, Tental, Barnshe, Occlura, Myx, Adoroboros


  • Type: Toxic (+ Mental)
  • Category: Status
  • Damage: N/A
  • Stamina: 22
  • Hold: 0
  • Priority: 2 (Normal)

Hallucination, while not quite as versatile as Energy Manipulation on its own, has its perks both with and without its Synergy effect. It tosses a two-turn Exhausted effect onto the target but even gains 50 power with a Mental Temtem on your side.

The best part about this is how Nidrasil, a Nature/Toxic-type, can learn it. Pair it with a Mental Temtem with Energy Manipulation and you can inflict a two-turn Exhaust on the entire enemy team in a single turn AND deal decent damage. It’s costly, but that status effect is downright cruel.

Who can learn it? Nidrasil, Myx, Noxolotl

temtem early access game

Inner Spirit

  • Type: Melee
  • Category: Special
  • Damage: 170
  • Stamina: 23
  • Hold: 2
  • Priority: 2 (Normal)

“A Special-based Melee move?” you ask. Hear me out. As of the Alpha build, Inner Spirit has the highest base power of any technique in the game. The limited Temtem that gain access to it don’t have massively high SP ATK for sure, but those that do can aren’t even Melee-types, making is a great move for pulling the old bait and switch. Nobody will expect a Toxic/Mental-type like Adoroboros to have a Melee-type move. The damn thing is always asleep.

Who can learn it? Tateru, Skunch, Mushi, Mushook, Baboong, Adoroboros


  • Type: Wind
  • Category: Special
  • Damage: 145
  • Stamina: 31
  • Hold: 1
  • Priority: 3 (High)

At 145 power, Tornado is the strongest Wind-type move in Temtem right now. The Wind typing benefits from only one major weakness and a bunch of resistances, making such a strong move on an already troublesome type difficult to deal with.

It’s expensive, yes, but on a creature like Barnshe (with Air Specialist) or Granpah, it can utterly destroy most targets. Get some Turbo Choreography up and you’ll sweep the opposing team with this deadly duo.

Who can learn it? Pharo, Paharac, Granpah, Wiplump, Saku, Barnshe, Zephyruff, Volarend, Tuwai, Tuvine, Pigepic

Turbo Choreography

  • Type: Wind (+ Wind)
  • Category: Status
  • Damage: N/A
  • Stamina: 27
  • Hold: 1
  • Priority: +3 (Very High)

With both a hold and high stamina cost Turbo Choreography isn’t the king of setup moves, but its downfalls can force you to properly determine its viability in a battle before you blow the attempt and die to a surprise Electric Storm.

When synergized with another Wind-type, Turbo Choreography boosts your team’s SPD stat by two stages. That’s a lot. Being learned by so many speedy Wind-type Temtem already, its +3 priority means there’s a good chance it’ll go first, leading to an even better chance your whole team will go first until they drop dead. You obtain this TC through the “The Denizen Icarus” side quest.

Who can learn it? Swali, Loali, Tateru, Paharo, Paharac, Granpah, Mudrid, Barnshe, Mushook, Umishi, Ukama, Toxolotl, Noxolotl, Ganki, Gazuma, Kinu, Pigepic


Type: Water (+ Earth)
Category: Status
Damage: N/A
Stamina: 22
Hold: 1
Priority: 2 (Normal)

Water Temtem are usually quite quick, whereas Earth Temtem are notoriously slow. Fast fish, slow brick. Makes sense, right? Well if you’re rocking (heh) a Water/Earth team and need a pull a fast one on your opponent, Flood can do just that—albeit not how you might expect.

Flood normally reduces the target team’s SPD by one stage, but that’s upped to two stages when paired with an Earth Temtem. It’s almost a reverse Turbo Choreography. It’s no good for setting up some kind of team sweep, but you’re free to then swap your Temtem out to deal with two sluggish opponents some other way. Think about it.

Who can learn it? Platypet, Platox, Platimous, Pewki, Piraniant, Umishi, Ukaka, Oceara, Shuine, Kalabyss


  • Type: Mental
  • Category: Status
  • Damage: N/A
  • Stamina: 16
  • Hold: 0
  • Priority: 2 (Normal)

A god-like shield, Bamboozle protects any target from the next technique to target it. It doesn’t wear off at the end of the turn if it isn’t triggered, either. You can protect absolutely anyone from anything. Heck, you could even protect the enemy if you know they’re about to attack their own to trigger something like Strong Liver.

Speaking of Strong Liver, Goolder is a great Bamboozle Temtem to have on your team. It doesn’t have magical defenses, but it’s astronomical HP stat and access to either HP restore through Strong Liver or resistance to Melee techniques with Punching Bag makes it stand out as the king of Bamboozle machines.

Who can learn it? Barnshe, Goolder, Pigepic

Wake Up

  • Type: Neutral
  • Category: Physical
  • Damage: 1
  • Stamina: 0
  • Hold: 0
  • Priority: +3 (Very High)

Now, I know what you’re thinking. A one damage move? Sure, pal. But it’s true—Wake Up is one of the best moves a strategist could ask for. Imagine you’ve just buffed your best Temtem, and your opponent puts it to sleep. They think they’ve just foiled your multi-turn sweeper plan. You can’t have that. Heck, you saw it coming. You baited them into that false sense of security.

So you get your other Temtem to use Wake Up, maybe the Very High priority makes your Temtem go first rather than last, your terminator opens its eyes, and bam. It’s over. There’s nothing left to say.

Close to 30 Temtem can learn this one, so there’s a pretty decent chance something in your dream team can learn it, ready to pull off this massive upset.

Who can learn it? Swali, Loali, Tateru, Paharo, Paharac, Granpah, Hidody, Taifu, Skali, Skunch, Orphyll, Nidrasil, Bigu, Babawa, Kaku, Saku, Barnshe, Nessla, Kalazu, Kalabyss, Adoraboros, Kinu, Vulvir, Vulor, Vulcrane, Pigepic

Temtem best strongest starters

Ninja Jutsu

  • Type: Neutral
  • Category: Physical
  • Damage: 130
  • Stamina: 27
  • Hold: 2
  • Priority: +3 (Very High)

This might as well just be Skunch’s move. The squirrel/fox friend is practically built for it. With a massive base power only amplified by Skunch’s typing and either of its traits, Ninja Jutsu hits hard, fast, and isn’t easily resisted. Given Skunch’s biggest threats (Mental-types) typically have low DEF stats, Ninja Jutsu can be used to knock them out of the field before they get a chance to move. Just make sure you have time to wait for the Hold duration.

Quite a few ATK-oriented Temtem have access it Ninja Justu too, but they won’t see the same massive returns as Skunch.

Who can use it? Skunch, Tental, Valash, Gyalis, Saipat, Shuine, Vulcrane

Stone Ball

  • Type: Earth (+ Fire)
  • Category: Physical
  • Damage: 130
  • Stamina: 29
  • Hold: 0
  • Priority: 1 (Low)

While slow enough to certainly push it to the back of the queue, the non-existent Hold time and the bulky nature of its most common users makes Stone Ball a very powerful technique when paired with a Fire-type Temtem. Alongside the right kind of Synergy, not only does Stone Ball hit like… a stone ball, it also burns the target for two whole turns.

Burn doesn’t do a massive amount of damage on its own, but the natural ATK reduction it includes can cripple sweepers long enough to take out. Don’t sleep on this one. A Mudrid/Vulcrane combo works well.

Who can learn it? Tateru, Bunbun, Mudrid, Vulor, Vulcrane