Teamfight Tactics TFT Orb of Enlightenment Guide – How to Rank Up the Orb

With Teamfight Tactics (TFT) still in active development, there’s a lot about it that isn’t communicated properly. For example, there is a TFT Beta Pass that has rewards. You can earn points towards completing this pass through weekly missions. But there’s also the Orb of Enlightenment that’s available every 24 hours. What does this orb do and can you rank it up? Our TFT Orb of Enlightenment guide has all of the details!

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Orb of Enlightenment XP Rewards

The beta pass point rewards will scale up with every match you play each day up until the cap of five. If you want to get the most progress out of your beta pass, you want to play five matches per day once this goes live.

It’s worth logging in every day to collect the points, even if you don’t have time to play. New this season are XP rewards for playing up to five matches per day. While you get the majority of your daily XP, 70 of it, just by logging in, you can also earn 10 XP for each of your first five games. In total you can earn up to 120 XP every day.

  • 0 Matches: 70 XP (Free each day)
  • 1st Match: 10 XP
  • 2nd Match: 10 XP
  • 3rd Match: 10 XP
  • 4th Match: 10 XP
  • 5th Match: 10 XP

What’s All This XP For?

Leveling up the beta pass! There are rewards with each pass that require a certain amount of XP to obtain. While you can get a good chunk of that from the weekly missions, it’s the daily rewards that will reward the most consistent XP income.

In total there are six summoner icons, three map chromas, and four emotes to earn in TFT Beta Pass 2.

According to Riot there is 9280 XP available to earn during the Beta Pass though you’ll only need 6800 of that to unlock everything. By our rough calculations, by playing five matches every day you’d earn just about 6800 XP. Of that almost 4000 is free without having to even play a match!

The other way to earn XP, weekly missions, has also changed. You’ll now get six missions each week rather than nine. They’ve been moved around, however, such that two should be reachable in a single game. The second duo will require a number of games. The last two are more challenging and will require a good understanding of the rules and game strategy.

Three of the six missions can be active at a time. When one is completed another will take its place. No longer do you have to complete all three to unlock the next trio.

Missions will rotate every week “around the same time that a patch would drop.” That usually means Thursdays on off weeks and Tuesdays on full-fledged patch days.

And there you have it! Thanks for reading our Teamfight Tactics Orb of Enlightenment guide. For more information, be sure to check back later. We’ll continue to update this guide with more information as Teamfight Tactics develops.