Teamfight Tactics Ranked Guide – How the TFT Ranked Ladder Works

Looking to get competitive in Teamfight Tactics? As of patch 9.14, you can now play Ranked Mode in Riot’s auto-chess title! Playing Ranked and progressing through the ranks each season will net you various rewards, similar to League of Legends.  There are a few key differences between the two, though, and our TFT Ranked Guide will help you navigate the ins and outs of Teamfight Tactics‘ Ranked mode.

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How to Play TFT Ranked Mode

If you’re like me and came to Teamfight Tactics without ever playing League of Legends, you may be wondering how you even start a ranked match in the first place. When you’re creating a lobby, there’s a ‘Change Mode’ button in the top-right corner. From there, not only can you change between LoL and TFT modes, but you can choose the Ranked option for Teamfight Tactics there.

TFT Ranked Bug

This is also a good time to mention the TFT Ranked Mode bug currently plaguing the game. If you hit ‘Play Again’ after a match is completed, you might be placed into the Normal match queue, instead of the Ranked match queue. This doesn’t happen every single time, and it’s seemingly random. However, until it’s fixed it’s likely best to completely exit out of each game and start the process of queuing up over.

How the TFT Ranked Ladder Works

The Ranked mode of Teamfight Tactics works similarly to League of Legends‘ Ranked mode, but with a few key differences. TFT Ranked has nine tiers with multiple levels to work through, from Iron (which has Iron VI-Iron I) to Champion. It will take 100 League Points (LP) to move up a tier. Unlike LoL, however, you don’t need to complete a promotion series to get to the next tier, you’ll automatically promote when you meet the point requirement.

How much LP you earn a match depends on where you place at the end. Landing in the top four is constituted as a win, while fifth to eighth are losses. Sometimes matches in Teamfight Tactics truly comes down to the luck of the draw, so this is a nice compromise to make up for someone just having an extremely lucky roll.

But there’s still a hierarchy of the points earned, or lost, depending on your final placement. First place will get far more LP than fourth place. If you finish dead last, you’ll lose more LP than fifth place. You can also be automatically be demoted if you lose at 0 LP for your rank! Our variety of constantly updated TFT guides can help you towards victory and lower the risk of demotion.

Overall, Teamfight Tactic’s ranking system is a bit easier to succeed at than in League of Legends, but you’ll still need to play well in order to get to higher tiers.

Can I Play TFT Ranked with Friends?

Yes, you can. Up to three people can join up for ranked matches, but there are still some restrictions. An Iron tier player cannot team up with a Master tier player, for example. The easiest way to understand who you can play with at any given rank is to check Riot’s infographic.

How Long Does a TFT Ranked Season Last?

Riot has mentioned that they want to start new Ranked seasons “every few months,” similar to League of Legends. Since the first season started July 9, we can expect it to end in early October. However, this can change at any time. TFT is still in beta, and not all the details are finalized as Riot tweaks the game.

What are the TFT Ranked Rewards?

At this time, we have no information on what the TFT Ranked rewards will be. At this time, Riot has stated that they’ll probably be based on your rank at the end of the season (which makes sense), and the rewards will differ from League of Legends’ ranked rewards.

And that’s it! If you’re looking for the best TFT team comps in the current 9.14 patch, we have a guide dedicated to that! Likewise if you’re new to the game and don’t know where to start, we have a tips guide with 13 really important things you should know. And for those of you who keep up to date, make sure to check out the TFT Patch 9.14 patch notes since there were a ton of changes!