Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass Guide – New Beta Pass Start Date

Teamfight Tactics is certainly taking the video game community by storm. It’s topped Twitch charts since release and it’s quickly overtaken Auto Chess and Dota Underlords as the leading autobattler. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably too busy learning the intricacies of the game and attempting not to lose every match. But if you actually have some skill, you might be waiting for more. Thankfully, Riot Games has already confirmed full competitive support with a ranking system, though that hasn’t been added. In the meantime, there’s Teamfight Tactics newly launched Beta Pass, a first attempt at a battle pass-like experience. Our Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass guide recaps everything we know about the fledgling feature.

Update: You may have noticed the Teamfight Tactics label missing from your client. The current beta pass has ended and Riot is getting ready for the next one so the tab has been disabled for now.

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When Does the TFT Beta Pass Start?

Right now! The Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass is now live in North America — you can find your Weekly Missions and Beta Pass progress on the new Teamfight Tactics tab at the top of the League of Legends client. The game launched with 50 heroes and the plan is to add one or two heroes per League of Legends patch until the game hits 60. At that point, Riot will start periodically releasing new sets of champions.

When Does the TFT Beta Pass End?

For North America, the Beta Pass ends on July 29 at 8:59 AM PDT. That means the pass will have been available for a total of four weeks. It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to complete missions of claim rewards after that time has passed, even if you were in game.

When Will the Next TFT Battle Pass Start?

Riot says the next “chapter” of the TFT Beta Pass will start with Patch 9.16 which is scheduled for Wednesday, August 14! It will have similar missions and rewards as the first beta pass though there will apparently be changes for the pass after that.

How Much Does the TFT Beta Pass Cost?

Nothing! This version of it is free since Teamfight Tactics is still very early in its life cycle. We imagine that one day the beta pass will be fully fleshed out to be something more like the Fortnite Battle Pass or the Rocket League Rocket Pass.

What Are the TFT Weekly Missions?

It’s worth noting that there are actually nine weekly TFT missions. The next rotation doesn’t become available, however, until the previous three have all been completed.

This week you’re kicked off with the following:

  • Play 5 games of TFT to Round 20. (30 pts)
  • Play 20 Knights OR Play 8 Dragons. (30 pts)
  • Another one that we accidentally completed on our first game of the week. (Sorry!)

What’s Included in the TFT Beta Pass?

The current Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass includes nine levels of rewards, which require 100 points each to unlock. Points are gained by completing the daily “Orb of Enlightenment” challenge, as well as that week’s three Weekly Missions. Here’s what you’ll get for your time:

  • Tier 1: Starter Little Legend Egg
  • Tier 2: Yellow and Blue TFT Arena Skins
  • Tier 3: Tier 1 TFT Launch Icon (Green)
  • Tier 4: Mystery Emote
  • Tier 5: Tier 2 TFT Launch Icon (Blue)
  • Tier 6: Mystery Emote
  • Tier 7: Pink TFT Arena Skin
  • Tier 8: Tier 3 TFT Launch Icon (Purple)
  • Tier 9: Tier 4 TFT Launch Icon (Red)

We’re glad to see that folk on a tight budget can earn their own Little Legend by earning enough points. In a development post, Riot confirmed that you may also receive a star-up variant of a Little Legend that you already have. There is duplicate protection so you’ll never get something you’ve already unlocked, and you won’t get any more of a variant that has already reached three stars.

As previously speculated, the Arena skins are simply palette swaps. In the same development post, Riot says it “hopes to deliver more complex and differentiated Arenas in the future” citing examples like Shurima and Star Guardian themes.

With Riot initially saying that skinned heroes will be unique and functionally different than the regular version of them, we wonder what future rewards could be. The most obvious thing to do would be the add rewards for League rather than Teamfight Tactics, but that wouldn’t be fulfilling for folks who only play that one game mode. Keep in mind though, that TFT is just a game mode inside of League of Legends rather than a standalone game.

And there you have it! Thanks for reading our Teamfight Tactics beta pass guide. For more information, be sure to check back later. We’ll continue to update this guide with more information as Teamfight Tactics develops.