Teamfight Tactics TFT Beta Pass 2 Guide – End Date, Rewards, Missions, Orb Changes

It’s been a couple of weeks since the first Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass has ended, and players have been eagerly waiting for the next Beta Pass with the release of Patch 9.16. Without the Beta Pass incentives, it’s harder to justify playing, after all! But the newest Beta Pass is almost here, and there are new Missions, rewards, and more to enjoy for the second chapter of TFT’s beta development. Learn everything you need to know with our TFT Beta Pass guide!

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When Does the TFT Beta Pass Start?

The new TFT Beta Pass will start when patch 9.16 is released. The patch will release on Wednesday, August 14.

When Does the TFT Beta Pass End?

The first TFT Beta Pass ran from June 18 to July 23, which was a little over a month. The second Beta Pass will run much longer at almost two months. The end date for this pass is Wednesday, October 9.

How Much Does the TFT Beta Pass Cost?

The Beta Passes for Teamfight Tactics cost nothing to the player! However, this may change when TFT leaves beta status, with the season passes costing money for extra rewards, similar to other free-to-play games. But enjoy the free rewards while you can!

What are the TFT Beta Pass Rewards?

The second TFT Beta Pass’s rewards are set to be similar to the first pass. In total there will be six summoner icons, three map chromas, and four emotes.

According to Riot there is 9280 XP available to earn during the Beta Pass though you’ll only need 6800 of that to unlock everything.

  • Tier 1:  What’s in the Box icon
  • Tier 2:  Verdant  Arena Skin
  • Tier 3:  Mystery Emote
  • Tier 4:  Pirate’s Bounty Icon
  • Tier 5:  Mystery Emote
  • Tier 6:  3-Star Awesome Icon
  • Tier 7:  Draconic Arena Skin
  • Tier 8:  Mystery Emote
  • Tier 9:  Pass 2 Champion Icon
  • Tier 10: Mystery Emote
  • Tier 11: Summoner’s Arena Icon
  • Tier 12: Pengu Portal Party Icon
  • Tier 13: Dueling Spatulas  Icon

Little Legends are the avatars that represent you on the field. They are normally a perk you pay for in Teamfight Tactics, so having the chance to earn eggs and get a new Little Legend is a nice perk of the Beta Pack. Riot has also mentioned that they will not allow duplicate Little Legends to be drawn after the Little Legend hits three stars, which is a nice gesture. Sadly there are none in this season’s Beta Pass.

Arena Skins can spice up a match a bit, and icons can be used as bragging rights to show how far you got in the Beta Pass. Emotes are a fun little way to communicate (or taunt) your opponents. For a free pass, they’re nice incentives to play TFT more often.

New Arena skins have been found in the game files, so it’s likely these new skins will be part of the new Beta Pass. Riot also introduced the third series of Little Legends, so you can be sure that egg rewards will include the new Little Legends for free-to-play players to grab.

Tiers require points to reach, which you get by completing weekly missions and checking the Orb of Enlightenment daily.

What are the TFT Weekly Missions?

Riot has updated the TFT weekly missions system with Beta Pass 2. You’ll now get six missions each week rather than nine. They’ve been moved around, however, such that two should be reachable in a single game. The second duo will require a number of games. The last two are more challenging and will require a good understanding of the rules and game strategy.

Three of the six missions can be active at a time. When one is completed another will take its place. No longer do you have to complete all three to unlock the next trio.

Missions will rotate every week “around the same time that a patch would drop.” That usually means Thursdays on off weeks and Tuesdays on full-fledged patch days.

If you are having trouble with the missions, check out our TFT Weekly Missions Guide, which has strategies for completing all of the difficult weekly missions.

What is the Orb of Enlightenment?

The Orb of Enlightenment gives you free TFT Beta Pass points daily. It’s worth logging in every day to collect the points, even if you don’t have time to play. New this season are XP rewards for playing up to five matches per day. While you get the majority of your daily XP, 70 of it, just by logging in, you can also earn 10 XP for each of your first five games. In total you can earn up to 120 XP every day. Learn more about the Orb, as well as future features, in our TFT Orb of Enlightenment guide.

What’s Next for the TFT Beta Pass?

Riot has mentioned that they’ll be making big changes to the TFT Beta Pass in the future. However, we know that the second Beta Pass is similar to the first, and these changes will come gradually as the developer works on the game. There’s bound to be some big changes to look out for with the next Beta Pass!