Teamfight Tactics Best TFT Nobles Team Comp (Patch 9.16) – Noble Gunslingers

Technically, the best way to play Teamfight Tactics is to adjust as things happen. When TFT offers you a couple of Nobles or Wild, generally you should lean into those and utilize them for early game success. However, sometimes I find myself chasing after a certain team comp before the match even starts. If that’s you, then this guide should be right up your alley. This is our Best TFT Nobles Team Comp guide which is up to date as of TFT Patch 9.16.

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TFT Noble Gunslingers

Nobles are super popular right now and there are two different routes you can go with them: Blademasters and Draven or Gunslingers and Jinx. This is the latter!

In the end, your team comp should look like: Fiora, Garen, Jinx, Kayle, Leona, Lucian, Vayne.

With this group you’ll get the following buffs:

  • 6 Nobles: +70 Armor and Magic Resist and heal for 35 HP on hit for the entire team.
  • 2 Knights: Your team ignores 15 damage from all sources.
  • 2 Gunslingers: 50% chance to attack one additional target in range.

Recommended Items:

  • Jinx: Rapid Firecannon (Recurve + Recurve), Runaan’s Hurricane (Recurve + Spatula), Bloodthirster (BF Sword + Negatron)

Nobles – D Tier

At this time, the Noble synergy is just disappointing. It requires a team of six for a lackluster effect (70 armor and magic resist alongside some health regen while attacking), but you can’t run a six-man Noble team and hope to get far unless you get incredibly lucky with your rolls. The three-unit effect of one random ally getting the buff isn’t worth the trouble, outside of the early game.

As a whole, Nobles consist of two good champions, two okay champions, and two awful champs which keeps them from really competing.

How many champions should I run? Nobles are still not great so you obviously shouldn’t go for the biggest buff. Getting three Nobles can help you in the early game but that’s about it.

Champions Ranked by Priority

If your main synergy is Nobles, this is the order in which you should prioritize the Noble champions. Obviously, you’ll have other synergies that you need to account for, but if you need to transition up, this is the order in which you should do so.

  1. Kayle: Kayle is super, super good and she can outright win games by herself. Buy her if you can splash Knights.
  2. Lucian: Lucian is a common pick in general in the current meta, and for good reason. He only costs 2 coins a unit, and you’ll roll him a lot, making him very easy to level up. He’s viable in teams throughout the entire game, and his ability lets him dash away from danger. Even beyond a Gunslinger team comp, he’s a strong and useful unit.
  3. Leona: Leona has a higher armor rating than Braum and a more damaging ability. Her Noble synergy can also stack even more armor, making teams able to tank attacks better. Again, it’s best to use both Guardians when you’re able, though, and Leona and Braum are both great additions to the team.
  4. Garen: Garen is really good at spinning and damaging multiple enemies. When combined with Morellonomicon he’s one of the best early game units available. That can transition into the mid game if your team comp supports it.
  5. Vayne: Even with the recent buffs, you’re better off selling a two star Vayne for any of the above damage dealers and using them as a carry instead.
  6. Fiora: Fiora is just not good, plain and simple. While you can use her to complete some class synergies, you should ultimately replace her as soon as possible.

And that’s it! Best of luck with your TFT Nobles comp! If you’re looking for the best TFT team comps in the current 9.16 patch, we have a guide dedicated to that! Likewise if you’re new to the game and don’t know where to start, we have a tips guide with 13 really important things you should know. And for those of you who keep up to date, make sure to check out the TFT Patch 9.16 patch notes since there were a ton of changes!


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