Teamfight Tactics Best TFT Elementalist Team Comp (Patch 9.15) – Ninja Elementalists

Technically, the best way to play Teamfight Tactics is to adjust as things happen. When TFT offers you a couple of Nobles or Wild, generally you should lean into those and utilize them for early game success. However, sometimes I find myself chasing after a certain team comp before the match even starts. If that’s you, then this guide should be right up your alley. This is our Best TFT Elementalists Team Comp guide which is up to date as of TFT Patch 9.15.

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TFT Ninja Elementalists

When in doubt, Ninja Elementalists is a really solid team comp. It’s powerful regardless of each champion’s tier level and isn’t hard to force. These champions spike really hard in the mid game, so don’t go forcing this in the later rounds.

In short, you just want to survive early game and try to get the Elementalist buff online. That extra golem is a big part of keeping the Ninjas and Assassins alive. Then utilize Pyke and one Ninja, probably Zed, to complement those while you try and complete the full Ninja buff. Remember to only use one Ninja until you have all four!

While we generally recommend using champion carousel drafts to get items instead of champions, if you see a Brand, you might want to grab him early to enable the Elementalists golem.

In the end, your team comp should look like: Akali, Brand, Kennen, Lissandra, Pyke, Shen, Zed.

Just don’t forget to put all of your champions in a straight line at the back of the placement area once you have a Zeke’s Herald. The item has been changed to buff everyone in the same horizontal line as the initial champion. Previously it buffed all units in a circle around the champion.

With this group you’ll get the following buffs:

  • 4 Ninjas: +60 attack damage and +60 ability power for your Ninjas.
  • 3 Elementalists: At the start of combat, summon an Elemental with 2200 health and 100 attack damage.
  • 3 Assassins: +125% crit damage for your Assassins.

Look at those buffs! That is some serious firepower! Overall this is one of the strongest team comps in Teamfight Tactics right now. It’s highly flexible, great in the midgame, and isn’t too hard to itemize.

Recommended Items:

  • Zed: 2x Zeke’s Herald (BF Sword + Giant’s Belt)
  • Akali: Dragon’s Claw (2x Negatron), Seraph’s Embrace (2x Tear), Hextech Gunblade (BF Sword + Needless)

And that’s it! Best of luck with your TFT Elementalists comp! If you’re looking for the best TFT team comps in the current 9.15 patch, we have a guide dedicated to that! Likewise if you’re new to the game and don’t know where to start, we have a tips guide with 13 really important things you should know. And for those of you who keep up to date, make sure to check out the TFT Patch 9.15 patch notes since there were a ton of changes!