SWTOR Crossplay Guide – Does The Old Republic Have Crossplay?

Star Wars: The Old Republic has arrived on Steam. Does it play well with others?

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been quietly humming along since its launch way back in 2011, but the question of crossplay hasn’t really come up until now. The MMO pseudo-sequel to Knights of the Old Republic is PC exclusive after all. But now SWTOR is on Steam. It’s a jump nearly a decade in the making, but sure to be a welcome change for those who like to keep their games in one place. The question is whether or not SWTOR crossplay allows for progression and multiplayer between the new and older versions. That’s what we’re here to answer!

Here’s everything you need to know about SWTOR and crossplay, along with what new players should expect.

Does SWTOR Have Crossplay?

The simple and happy answer is yes! The Steam version of SWTOR “has full crossplay and cross-save with the direct SWTOR launcher, so all progress will carry over when player’s log in via either method.” While that might seem obvious, given both versions are still on PC, you’d be surprised how many games don’t allow players to interact between storefronts.

Naturally, Steam players get a few exclusive goodies. SWTOR gets trading cards on the Steam marketplace, just like every other game. Plus there are new “profile backgrounds and emoticons,” while “100 Steam achievements will be added in a future update,” according to a press release. You also don’t need to worry about when you play. If you care about such things, folks will “retroactively be awarded on Steam any achievements that they have already unlocked previously in SWTOR.”

It sounds like a win-win situation for all involved! Anyone that’s been waiting for nine years to get SWTOR on Steam, or was simply reminded that the game exists, has an excuse to try it out. Meanwhile longtime players might see an infusion of fans to jump around the galaxy with.

You can see a full breakdown of the STWOR crossplay announcement here. As a reminder, the game is free-to-play these days. However, for $15 a month you get access to expansions — like the Onslaught add-on from last year — and a bunch of other extremely useful extras. Cartel Coins (the game’s premium currency) are also available through Steam.

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What is Star Wars: The Old Republic?

As mentioned above, the game is a long-running massively multiplayer online game set in the Star Wars universe (er, galaxy). It takes place thousands of years before the feature films, as well as a significant chunk of time after Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords. Many call it “the closest thing we’ll ever get to KOTOR 3.” Though there’s some debate on just how close the MMO gets to the single-player, story-driven experience.

It is a very story-driven MMO, however, particularly in the most recent paid expansions. Knights of the Eternal Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne are basically entire single-player campaigns for your custom character to explore, with unique NPCs and allies.

Much of the rest of the game depends on which origin story you choose. Every single class has a unique campaign of its own. The Sith Inquisitor in particular has been long held up as a great Star Wars story in its own right.

While it launched as a full-priced game with a monthly subscription, most of the original content is now free-to-play. That includes the Steam version! Most folks would still probably recommend the monthly fee, though. You really miss out on a lot without it. But hey! At least there’s no upfront cost.