Super Mario 64 Wings to the Sky Guide – How to Unlock the Wing Cap

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a collection of three of the Nintendo mascot’s best games. Spread across several console generations, players will be able to enjoy Super Mario 64Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. Each of these titles is considered by many to be some of the best Mario games in the plumber’s entire catalog, with Super Mario Sunshine getting its first re-release since it launched in 2002.

Given the sheer age of these games, some of the Stars will be tricky for players to earn due to the sheer lack of information given in-game. One of these Stars is tied to the Wings to the Sky mission in Bob-omb Battlefield, which asks Mario to fly around the map. The catch is, if you are completing the levels chronologically then there’s no way for you to finish this mission. Tied to the Wing Cap, players will need to unlock this item before they can complete this quest.

Here’s how to beat the Wings to the Sky mission and unlock the Wing Cap:

How to Unlock the Wing Cap

Your first step in finishing this mission is to unlock the Wing Cap. This can only be done after you’ve obtained a total of 10 Stars in Super Mario 64. Because of this, you will need to leave Bob-omb Battlefield and go open up another level in the main lobby. If you’re new, I recommend Whomp’s Fortress since it’s relatively easy since most of the hazards are avoidable. Once you have 10 Stars, go to the lobby and stand on the rug where a bright light is shining down on it. Look up to the light by pressing forward on the Right Analog Stick. Doing so will let you look around as Mario, so point him to the sky to be transported to a secret level.

In this level, you will start with the Wing Cap on and Mario will have to grab 8 Red Coins that are in groups of two. When you start, follow the path of Gold Coins on the right. These will rotate around the level in a corkscrew, leading you through every grouping of Red Coins. Once the Star appears, go to the top of the power and ground pound the switch to activate all the Wing Cap Red Boxes in the game.

Super Mario 64 Wings to the Sky

How to Complete Wings to the Sky

To start, make your way to the floating island where you originally got the Star from the box. You can either use the cannons to reach it or grab the Wing Cap near the ramp by the spawn point. Once you’re on the island, hit the Red Box and grab the Wing Cap that falls out of it. Quickly run over to the cannon and line up the crosshair with the center coin of the ring in front of you. For this Star, you need to grab the center coin in all five rings. This can be in one or a hundred cannon shots, so don’t worry about making it perfect. All five rings will be in a curved line going up towards the sky, so you won’t need to fly around the entire level to find them. Once you grab all five center coins, the star will spawn in a field below so go grab it to complete this level!