Summoners War: Lost Centuria Tier List – Best Units

It's a different kind of Summoners War this time.

If you’ve played mobile games with any sense of regularity in the past five years, you’ve probably heard of a gacha game called Summoners War: Sky Arena. The extremely popular phone game is now on its seventh year of service – an extremely rare feat, as most gacha games seem to fall out of favor within only one year of service before getting shut down.

To build off that momentum, Com2Us has released a new standalone mobile game, titled Summoners War: Lost Centuria. The game combines the units players love from Sky Arena with dueling focused card battle mechanics. We’ve got a tier list for you to climb the ladder with for Summoners War: Lost Centuria down below.

Summoners War: Lost Centuria Tier List

Before we get started, let’s get a few basics out of the way. Even your Common and Rare units are useful. Having a full deck of Epic of Legendary units doesn’t guarantee victory, as this game is more reliant on unit synergy than anything else.

Tiers are split into S, A, B, and C ranks. These ranks are based around their stats, viability, and synergy. For example, Camilla isn’t ranked at S even though it is a Legendary unit – her ability does damage not just to your opponent, but to you as well, making it an exceedingly difficult ability to use properly. Finally, this tier list is subjective based on my own experiences and research – feel free to share your reasons or teams in the comments below!

Attack Units Tier List

  • S – Perna, Nicki
  • A – Lushen, Tesarion, Sophia
  • B – Thrain, Lapis, Hwa, Baretta, Kahli
  • C – Verdehile, Fynn, Sieq, Tagaros, Prilea

Perna, and by comparison, it’s weaker counterpart in Lushen, are fantastic AOE damage dealers. Perna does extremely well on damage over time teams alongside Baretta, Thrain and Nicki. Speaking of Nicki, her Teddy Spell puts an incredible amount of pressure on the opponent’s backline. It either does significant damage, or if they try to cleanse it away, it stuns for a few seconds, guaranteeing value for your card as long it lands. Sophia is a single target killing machine, dealing incredible damage with a chance to apply Defense Down, which is extremely useful in securing kills at higher HP values.

Defense Units Tier List

  • S – Artamiel
  • A – Camilla
  • B – Kuhn, Copper
  • C – Hraesvelg

It only makes sense for Artamiel to be cream of the crop in the Defense category – he is Summoners War: Lost Centuria’s mascot after all. He can strip buffs, deal significant chunks of damage, and heal all in one ability, which is an unbelievable package. He absolutely carries games on his own but combined with any sort of CC or pressure on the front line, he can sweep through units like they’re nothing. Kuhn is an easy to acquire, bulky tank packaged together with an AOE freeze ability, something that pairs extremely well with someone like, say, Artamiel, who can keep Kuhn alive and take advantage of the freeze debuff.

HP Units Tier List

  • S – Rakan
  • A – Woosa, Poseidon, Eleanor, Jeanne
  • B – Ramagos, Mav
  • C – Roid

Rakan lays waste to the opponent’s frontline, applying Attack Up to himself before slamming onto the enemy, dealing incredible amounts of damage. Woosa provides consistent protection against debuffs alongside a minor shield, while Jeanne is an instant forefront interrupter (useful for stopping Ramagos from bear-hugging your unit to death). Speaking of, Ramagos and Mav are your starter HP units, and they work well at the lower ranks. Time your Clean Shot well to regain life, and if you don’t have a clear kill in line, swap with Mav’s Duty Changeto keep Ramagos alive.

Support Units Tier List

  • S – Ganymede, Hathor, Chloe, Soha
  • A – Megan, Khmun, Bernard, Colleen
  • B – Shannon, Mikene, Elucia
  • C – Konamiya, Orion, Racuni

Ganymede wins games. Period. The ability to incinerate enemy cards and ruin their setup or stop their ramp, in addition to dealing consistent AOE damage is incredible. Soha strips buffs and applies them to your entire party, and it auto-targets enemies with buffs, so you can strip from the backline if necessary. Don’t let Khmun’s category fool you – he deals high single target burst in addition to healing. Bernard is excellent in almost every deck, as his low cost acceleration buff is welcome to all. Orion is really bad – while it technically cannot be countered (near-instant nullification of cards), the opponent gets a new hand immediately after, the damage is low, and the debuffs are sporadic.

That’s our tier list for Summoners War: Lost Centuria! What do you think? Did you draw the game-winning Ganymede, or do you really think Orion has a place in top-tier play? Let us know your thoughts below!
Summoners’ War: Lost Centuria is available on Android and iOS.


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