Steam Summer Sale 2020 Best Deals – 30 Best Games to Buy

It’s that time of the year again!

Where wallets are wasted, dollars are decimated, and our digital library is expanded with a bunch of games we will never touch. Valve’s Steam Summer Sale has officially begun, so it’s once again time to scour this service for the best deals available. Similar to previous years, there is a wide variety of titles that players can pick up at a heavily reduced price. If you’ve been holding out on purchasing a specific game, now is the time to check if it’s on sale.

When deciding our list, we decided to look for games that were not only extremely cheap but also quality experiences that are actually worth your money. Additionally, I also enlisted the help of Managing Editor Steven Strom and our Summer Intern Ren Price to help find a nice diverse selection of titles. Keep in mind when looking at the list below we are only going to list the price after the discount, along with the discount percentage. This is just to avoid any confusion, so the price you see listed is what you can purchase that game for right now.

Steam Summer Sale Best Deals Over $20

  • Dark Souls III: Deluxe Edition – $21.24 (-75%)
  • Total War: Warhammer II – $20.39 (-66%)
  • Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition – $49.99 (-50%)
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition – $22.49 (-50%)
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – $29.99 (-50%)
  • Dragon Quest Builders 2 – $35.99 (-40%)
  • A.I. The Somnium Files – $29.99 (50%)
  • Rainbow Six Siege: Ultimate Edition – $44.99 (-50%)
  • Destiny 2: Upgrade Edition – $33.49 (-33%)
  • No Man’s Sky – $29.99 (-50%)
  • DOOM Eternal – $29.99 (-50%)
  • Metro Franchise Bundle – $38.44 (-63%)
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – $38.99 (-35%)

If you’re willing to spend a little bit of money, then I recommend picking up some of the games above. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Dark Souls III: Deluxe Edition are terrific third-person action games, while DOOM Eternal is perfect for those looking for a kinetic shooter. Speaking of FPS games, the entire Metro franchise along with its DLC is priced at $38.44 which is an absolute steal. For those who prefer looter shooters, both Destiny 2’s expansions and Borderlands 3 will eat away hundreds of hours. Finally, Divinity Original Sin 2, despite being quite difficult, is an insanely engrossing RPG that’s definitely worth buying.

Steam Summer Sale Best Deals Under $20

  • Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – $17.99 (-70%)
  • A Plague Tale Innocence – $15.29 (-66%)
  • Outer Wilds – $16.65 (-33%)
  • Sonic Generations Collection – $1.00 (-95%)
  • Sonic Mania – $6.79 (-66%)
  • Star Wars Battlefront II: Celebration Edition – $19.99 (-50%)
  • Final Fantasy VI – $7.99 (-50%)
  • BattleTech – $9.99 (-75%)
  • Titanfall 2 – $9.89 (-67%)
  • Slay The Spire – $12.49 (-50%)
  • Pathologic 2 – 14.69 (-58%)
  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of Shogun – $5.99 (-85%)
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyessy – $19.79 (-67%)
  • Soul Caliber VI – $14.99 (-75%)
  • Batman: Arkham Knight – $4.99 (-75%)
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: Digital Deluxe Edition – $6.75 (-85%)
  • Fallout 76 – $19.99 (-50%)

As for those who have a more restricted budget, the Steam Summer Sale has a ton of games under twenty dollars. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a superb single-player action/RPG set in a dystopian cyberpunk world, while Assassin’s Creed Odyessy sends players back in time to Ancient Greece. Titanfall 2 is one of the most underappreciated games of the generation and the popular Sonic Generations costs a single dollar. Slay the Spire, Pathological 2, and Battletech are terrific indie titles that you should certainly try at least once. Finally, Battlefront 2 has finally arrived on Steam, so you have no excuse to try one of the best, casual multiplayer games in the past few years.

The 2020 Steam Summer Sale runs until July 9 at 10 a.m. PST.


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