Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Hero Guide – Best Hero Star Cards

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 lets you play as the iconic heroes and villains from the three different eras. Ranging from the cowardly General Grevious to the smooth-talking Lando Calrissian to pajama-wearing Count Dooku. All of the heroes possess unique abilities that give them a distinct edge on the battlefield. A single hero can turn the tied of an entire match if used correctly, which makes them some of the most important units in any PvP mode. Just like the core classes, heroes have various Star Cards that give them passive buffs or slight alterations to their skills.

However, picking the best Star Cards for each hero can be tricky since there are quite a lot of combinations you can make. When deciding on what Star Cards to pick, we focused on ones that would benefit players in general, bigger game modes like Supremacy or Galactic Assault. This is not for those who exclusively play the more competitive Heroes vs Villains, as those typically focus on one on one duels. Our picks are based on their battle effectiveness, how much they fit in with the general playstyle of that hero, and if they synergize well with a hero’s abilities.

We will also be breaking these up between heroes on the ground and those in starships. Mainly because these two hero archetypes never intersect, so don’t expect to cut down the Millennium Falcon with Darth Vader, as cool as that would be.

Battlefront 2 Best Infiltrator Enforcer Aerial Star Cards

Best Hero Star Cards

HeroStar Card 1Star Card 2Star Card 3
Anakin SkywalkerControl the ForceAll of ThemSteamroll
BB-8Trusty DroidSelf RepairsWhirlwind
BB-9EI See YouFull ReconstructionPotent Bacta or Faster, Faster!
Boba FettQuick RefillFuel EfficiencyExtended Exposure
BosskSpreading the DiseaseUltimate PredatorLingering Dioxis
Captain PhasmaEasy ShotsNot Hard EnoughBlaster Inspection
ChewbaccaImperviousShocked and VulnerableEchoing Roar
Count DookuBalanced DuelistFinesseSith Control
Darth MaulSavageFool Me OnceLightsaber Defense or Flow Motion
Darth Vader Surrounded by FearDeflection StaminaBonus Health
Emperor Palpatine In Full ControlLightning ReachSurge of Lightning
FinnOne ResistanceBeacon of HopeStay Calm
General GreviousBeating HeartLine Up, WeaklingsCeaseless Assault
Han SoloHeavily Modified BlasterAir BurstSharpshooting Frenzy
Iden VersioCooled BlasterSturdy ShieldShock Reach
Kylo RenPower ReachBerserking TantrumSolid Freeze
Lando CalrissianBuckle Up, BabyDisabler GrowthMaximized Efficiency
Leia OrganaLaser BrainRelentless FiringRebel Heart
Luke SkywalkerJedi FighterStrong RepulseRush Immunity
Ob-Wan KenobiPerfect DefenseMore DoubtsThink It Over
ReyResilient DashStreet FighterStrong Mind
YodaEnduring PresenceLightsaber MasteryFeel the Force

Looking over this list, one of our favorite builds is for the wildly popular Boba Fett. This Star Card combination focuses almost entirely on keeping the bounty hunter in the air. Not only does this give him an advantage, but it allows you to maximize his explosive damage. Emperor Palpatine is another fun one that can be terrifying to face since his electric abilities can easily kill multiple soldiers at once. For the new heroes, BB-8 and BB-9E, we want to buff their support abilities since they are not designed to just hunt targets and kill them like the rest of the roster.

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Best Hero Starfighter Star Cards

HeroStar Card 1Star Card 2Star Card 3
Boba FettNo EscapeRelentless PursuerTactical Jammer
Darth MaulTargeting ComputerAdvanced CapacitorsTactical Jammer
Darth VaderOvercharged BarrageAdvanced CapacitorsEngine Heat Dissipator
Han Solo and ChewbaccaWookie EngineeringTuned LasersRepair Systems
Iden VersioFlight CommanderReinforced HullRepair Systems
Kylo RenAdvanced Mag-Pulse TorpedoesReinforced HullTargeting Computer
Lando and L3-37Back OnlineEngine Heat DissipaterRepair Systems
Luke SkywalkerExperienced AstromechFire Control CyclerTrust Your Feelings
Poe DameronExperienced LeaderTrusty Companion Vented Accelerator Pod
Rey and ChewbaccaRepair SystemsWookie Co-PilotTactical Jammer
Tallie LintraInspiring PresenceEngine UpgradeElite Pilot
YodaKuat EngineeringElite PilotCharged Ion Capacitors

When it comes to starfighter Star Cards there is a lot less variety. This means we will end up running some of the same cards for multiple ships like Tactical Jammer. When building these heroes, we decided to focus on their abilities first and anything that would reduce their cooldowns. Mainly because these skills are often very powerful and make a huge difference in a dog fight. However, you have a lot more room to customize these heroes, since so many of the cards are similar. We recommend experimenting with some of the repeating cards and even adjusting them to tailor to your match’s skill level.