Splitgate Crossplay Guide – Crossplay & Cross Progression Platforms

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As a free-to-play team-based competitive game, it’s only natural you’d want to play Splitgate with friends. Sometimes those friends are on console while you’re on PC, however, and making sure that you can play together is necessary before convincing each other to give it a shot. At the very least, there’s no purchase up front to keep you from trying. In this guide, we’ll explain what platforms support crossplay and cross progression for Splitgate and tell you how to turn it off.

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Does Splitgate Have Crossplay Support?

It does! Crossplay is currently supported between PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. If you want it on, all you have to do is play! The game hasn’t been announced for Nintendo Switch yet, but that’s another platform that can be a bit iffy on enabling crossplay.

If you want to play with friends, head on over to your Social Tab and click on over to Add Friends. You’ll see your Splitgate ID here which will allow you to add people no matter what platforms you’re on. Once you’ve added each other, you’ll be able to invite them to parties and custom matches so you can queue up together.

You can turn off Crossplay by going to the Settings and unchecking a box under Privacy. Doing so may increase your queue times, however, and considering that’s a big problem during the beta, you may want to hold off until the full release sometime later this year.

The State of Crossplay and Cross Platform Support

Crossplay support only gets more popular with time! Odds are that it will be the norm before too long. Until then, though, the majority of cross platform multiplayer games don’t fully include it. When they do, it’s often restricted to players on one console playing with those on PC. Microsoft and Sony seem to view the PC as neutral ground. Similarly, Nintendo seems to have qualms about cross play and especially cross save when purchasing games for its handheld device.

Microsoft in particular has extra incentive in the form of its “play anywhere policy.” Typically, if you buy a digital copy of a Microsoft first-party exclusive, you get to own it both on Xbox and PC — free of additional charge. At that point there’s really no reason not to let folks play together. Throw in services like Xbox Game Pass (which is now on PC) and things get even easier.

Sony has historically taken pretty much the opposite approach. The company was far and away the sales leader on the last generation of consoles. That incentivized it not to play well with others — nor allow its partner studios to do so on its hardware. Historically, Sony first-party exclusives basically never come out on PC. It was PlayStation or nothing. Though that’s slowly changing with the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Even so, Sony has announced its crossplay solution has exited “beta” and should be freely available to all.


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