Spelunky 2 Tips Guide – 7 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Somehow it’s been more then a decade since the original Spelunky released and Mossmouth is finally back with a proper sequel. Needless to say, Adventure Mode remains very difficult with many in the community saying it’s even more challenging than before. Like any other game of its type, there’s a ton of learning to do, mostly from trial and error. We’re here, however, with some tips and tricks that Spelunky 2 doesn’t tell you. Hopefully they’re enough to keep you from just a few more restarts.

Set Off Traps With Items or Bodies

There are so many traps in Spelunky 2. They’ll get you more than a few times, but the good news is you can trigger them with something other than your own body. Either grab a nearby object like a rock or skull, walk up to the ledge, push down, and toss it off. This will set off the trap, making sure you don’t lose a valuable point of health to something silly.

You can also do this with bodies if you happen to knock something out and move fast enough before it gets back up to attack you. It’s double dipping in that you’ll also kill the enemy for real rather than just knocking them out.

Hold Down to Look Down

While the game’s tutorial teaches you to hold down in order to grab ledges and drop through scaffolding, it doesn’t really encourage you to keep holding the button. Doing so for a short amount of time will cause the camera to pan down so you can see what’s below you.

This is useful when trying to find the exit, looking to see what treasures may be hidden, or just making sure your jump trajectory is correct. You don’t want to go falling down into a pit of spikes!

A Ghost Is Coming

You’re timed in Spelunky 2 and not just because the game wants to track how long you take. If you take too long in any given stage, you’ll get a message about feeling a chill down your spine. This means the ghost has spawned and is actively seeking you out. Nothing can stop it. The ghost traverses through all terrain until it gets to you and kills you in one hit. So feel free to explore, but don’t take too long or else it’ll come for you.

Scary Looking Vases Summon the Ghost

Speaking of, you may notice some scary looking vases around. These usually have super valuable gems in them which can be very helpful when you encounter shops. It should be noted, however, that breaking one immediately summons the ghost. So if you find one, make sure to have an escape plan and be ready to get to the exit quickly.

Regain Health By Saving Pets

Another super basic feature are the pets around the level that need saving. Picking one up and carrying it when you exit will restore one health point, helping keep you alive. That’s obviously a huge deal in the grand scheme of things so if it’s not too difficult, make sure you do so. Hopefully there aren’t any other items you’re carrying to keep you from doing so.

You Unlock Shortcuts To Each Level

If you’re having a rough time on the first level’s stages, the good news is you can unlock shortcuts once you complete the certain levels. There are a few different tasks you’ll need to do, but once that’s done, you can instead opt to start from the beginning of the second level going forward. If someone asks you for donations between stages, that’s how to unlock shortcuts.

Some players opt to start from the beginning every single time, but casual players should be reassured that you can indeed push your progress forward a level at a time.

Mounts Have Double Jump and Attack

Mounts are an entirely new feature in Spelunky 2. To use them, you first need to find one and get on it the same way you’d pick up an item. Keep in mind that it will run left and right a whole bunch before becoming tamed so make sure you’re in a space that’s safe enough. Eventually you’ll be able to control it including double jumps and attacks!

That’s all for now! We’ll be adding more tips as we get hands on time with the game. If you have any recommendations for your fellow spelunkers, leave them in the comments below!


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