Spelunky 2 Items Guide – Items List & Descriptions

Whether you’re playing Adventure Mode or battling in the Arena against friends, you’re probably curious as to what items Spelunky 2 has available. Knowing what you’re purchasing from the shopkeeper is incredibly important because funds are limited and you never want to go and buy something that doesn’t really help you. In this guide, we’re going to take a quick look at all of the items we’ve found so far and describe what they do.

Note: This guide is still being updated so it is missing some items and lacking descriptions for items we’ve seen but haven’t been able to purchase yet.


These items add to or modify your existing inventory.

  • Bomb Bag – Adds three more bombs to your inventory.
  • Rope Pile – Adds three more ropes to your inventory.
  • Bomb Box – Adds 12 more bombs to your inventory.
  • Paste – Makes your bombs sticky. They’ll attach to the first thing they impact.

Power Ups

There are a few power ups according to the Arena files. We know at least one restores health, but are unsure what the others do.

  • Royal Jelly – Restores health.


Most tools require you to hold them with a few exceptions like the Skeleton key. For the most part they either help you accomplish something or help keep you alive.

  • Teleporter – Assuming this works like it did in the original Spelunky, teleports you randomly in the stage. CAN put you in walls which means instant death.
  • Skeleton Key – Opens any locks and goes into your inventory (doesn’t need to be held). Does NOT break after using.
  • Compass – Points you towards the exit.
  • Wooden Shield – Protects you from enemies and projectiles. Breaks from long falls.
  • Metal Shield – Protects you from enemies and projectiles. Destroys anything caught between it and walls, including enemies and loot.


Weapons are used to hurt or stun enemies.

  • Mattock – Can dig through any kind of blocks. Also hurts enemies.
  • Machete – It’s a machete. Hurts enemies which would normally only be stunned.
  • Webgun – Shoots out webs which can block enemies from reaching you.
  • Shotgun – It’s a shotgun.
  • Freeze Ray – Freezes enemies in a solid block of ice. Hit the cubes after to shatter them and kill the enemy.
  • Crossbow – Shoots arrows. Make sure to pick them up after!
  • Camera – Stuns enemies. Can kill bats. Friendly characters don’t like their picture taken.
  • Boomerang – Trusty as ever. Throw it and it’ll come back to you!
  • Hou Yi’s Bow – A bow from beating the Challenge of the Moon. Comes with poison arrows.


These items are attached to your character and modify your abilities passively.

  • Pitchers Glove – Lets you throw further.
  • Climbing Gloves – Lets you cling to walls. Just run into them!
  • Spectacles – Lets you see inside of normally hidden areas.
  • Udjat Eye – Allows you to see hidden gems.
  • Spike Shoes – When you bounce off of enemy’s heads, spike shoes will damage characters who would normally only be knocked out briefly.
  • Spring Shoes – Lets your character bounce when landing. Can use them to reach higher heights!
  • Cape – Reduces the speed at which you fall.


There’s more than just a jetpack this time around!

  • Powerpack – ???
  • Jetpack – It’s a jetpack.
  • Parachute – Automatically triggers to keep you from taking fall damage. Destroyed after one use.
  • Telepack – ???

Those are all the items we’ve found so far! Have items you’ve discovered that we’re yet to add? Leave a comment below with the name and description. We’ll get them added and this list completed as soon as possible!


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  1. Hover pack – when you jump and press the jump button again it suspends you in that spot and you can move across the screen as long as you want

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