Spellbreak Crossplay Guide – Does Spellbreak Have Cross Platform Play?

The internet’s newest battle royale, Spellbreak, is taking Twitter by storm, and you may be wondering “Hey can I do crossplay with this video game?” We’ve got the scoop on the state of crossplay in Spellbreak and which – if any – platforms can play together. We aren’t going to help you do magic better, though.

Does Spellbreak Have Crossplay Support?

It does! The game is currently out on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC (in the Epic Games Store). It is a free to play game with paid cosmetics, a lot like the Fortnite model. Whichever platform you play on, you will be able to carry over your character, progress, and gear.

How to Use Crossplay

After setting up your Spellbreak account, playing with a friend on another platform is relatively easy. Head to the “Friends” tab on the main menu and add your friend’s Spellbreak ID. Once the request is accepted, you’ll be able to click on their name and send them a party invite.

Once you accept the invite from the “Party Invite” section, you’ll be ready to take on your opponents in a wizard duel.

The State of Crossplay and Cross Platform Support

Crossplay support only gets more popular with time! Odds are that it will be the norm before too long. Until then, though, the vast majority of cross platform multiplayer games don’t fully include it. When they do, it’s often restricted to players on one console playing with those on PC. Microsoft and Sony seem to view the PC as neutral ground.

Microsoft in particular has extra incentive in the form of its “play anywhere policy.” Typically, if you buy a digital copy of a Microsoft first-party exclusive, you get to own it both on Xbox and PC — free of additional charge. At that point there’s really no reason not to let folks play together. Throw in services like Xbox Game Pass (which is now on PC) and things get even easier.

Sony has historically taken pretty much the opposite approach. The company is far and away the sales leader on this generation of consoles. That incentivizes it not to play well with others — or allow its partner studios to do so on its hardware. In addition, Sony first-party exclusives basically never come out on PC. It’s PlayStation or nothing. Although there are a number of third-party games only available on PlayStation and PC that do feature crossplay (e.g. Final Fantasy XIV).

Even so, Sony has announced its crossplay solution has exited “beta” and should be freely available to all. There are also rumors that PS4 exclusives like Horizon: Zero Dawn are on their way to PC, lifting even more walls that have traditionally kept the manufacturer separated from its peers.

Spellbreak Battle Pass?

A traditional season based battle pass has not been implemented in the game yet. There is a greyed out section of the main menu called “Chapters,” however, and it’s assumed that this is where the battle pass will live. Stay tuned to Fanbyte for news on when Chapter 1 begins, and how to work your way through the game’s mystical battle pass.