Smash Ultimate Pichu Guide – Moves, Outfits, Strengths, Weaknesses

Smash Ultimate has its fair share of Echo Fighters. These are characters with largely the same move sets as other members of the Smash Ultimate roster, but often with very slightly different stats. Not every super-similar hero and villain is just a different paint job, however. A few of the fighters feature very similar moves (at least visually) without being classified as Echo Fighters. In fact, one such character might be one of the strongest in Smash Ultimate.

Smash Ultimate sports 74 different playable characters at launch — including every single previous character from the super-franchise and a bunch of fresh faces. That’s not even including the glut of DLC fighters, assist trophies, and more. There’s so much that no one person could possibly keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a guide to every single character.

Pichu is, as you can probably guess from the name, the un-evolved stage of Pikachu. Although the two characters aren’t that similar in Smash Ultimate, besides both being generally nimble and using electric attacks.

According to their official Nintendo description…

Pichu is back after 17 years! Pichu’s electric attacks have greater range and do more damage than its other attack types—but they also damage Pichu.

Pichu Moves

Thunder Jolt (B) – Sends a ball of electricity bouncing across the stage. This ball is faster than Pikachu’s!

Skull Bash (Side + B) – Charges up a flying headbutt that when fully charged does more damage than Pikachu’s.

Pichu Moves

Agility (Up + B) – Moves at high speed! The direction can be changed once, and it travels a bit farther than Pikachu’s.

Thunder (Down + B) – Calls down thunder from above to hurt nearby opponents. However, Pichu also takes a small amount of damage.

Volt Tackle (Final Smash) – Pichu turns into a ball of electricity that darts around at high speed. If an opponent gets caught in this attack, they’ll be constantly hit. Pichu also takes damage from this attack.

Strengths & Weaknesses


They may be smaller and cuter, but Pichu is anything but meek in Smash Ultimate. The pint-sized brawler is one of the more agile members of the roster and still they pack an incredible punch with moves like the down-B Thunder. If you’re a combo fiend, PIchu should be top of your list — pros are already uncovering some devastating mix-ups with the electric mouse.


Being small still carries a disadvantage in stature. A big hit can send Pichu flying, and while its recovery is fairly decent, that could still lead to ring-outs at high percentage. Frazzle your foe with a flurry of fisticuffs (alliteration!) and don’t let them land the big hits.

Pichu Outfits

Pichu has cute goggles, bandannas, headbands, and even a flower. Now you can be adorable in a variety of ways!

Pichu DefaultPichu Ear Wrap Pichu Stunned Pichu Goggles Pichu Blue Pichu Ear Pichu Flower Pichu Headband

Thanks for reading our guide to this devastating little ball of fluff! Have fun unleashing their pint-sized power on your friends and check back later for updates about the character.

All of our Smash Ultimate guides created with the help of Eric Van Allen.


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