Smash Ultimate Bowser Guide – Moves, Outfits, Strengths, Weaknesses

Smash Ultimate seems like a real crowd-pleaser so far. The enormous celebration of all things Nintendo (and sometimes just Nintendo adjacent) has gotten rave reviews. But there’s an equally massive number of new and returning features to break down, as well. So let’s get to it!

Smash Ultimate sports 74 different playable characters at launch — including every single previous character from the super-franchise and a bunch of fresh faces. That’s not even including the glut of DLC fighters, assist trophies, and more. There’s so much that no one person could possibly keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a guide to every single character.

This character guide focuses on the big, beefy Bowser. King Koopa himself is a serious bruiser in Smash Ultimate, which certainly fits a fighter of his royal — and physical — stature.

According to Bowser’s official Nintendo description…

Who’s the greatest nemesis of all!? It’s King Bowser! In Super Smash Bros. his power and weight make him a reliable fighter. Use his Fire Breath to keep opponents at bay, then use his damaging attacks to launch them off the stage! He transforms into Giga Bowser for his Final Smash and delivers a super powerful punch!


Fire Breath (B) – Breathes fire. The range decreases if used too much. The angle can be controlled a little bit.

Flying Slam (Side + B) – Grabs an opponent, jumps into the air, and then slams them to the ground.

Smash Ultimate Bowser Moves

Whirling Fortress (Up + B) – Ducks inside his shell and spins. Can be moved sideways while spinning.

Bowser Bomb (Down + B) – Butt-stomps enemies. On the ground, he can lift opponents with his horns.

Giga Bowser Punch (Final Smash) – Bowser transforms into the gigantic Giga Bowser. Aim carefully and unleash a ferocious punch. If an opponent has already taken a lot of damage when they’re hit, they are KO’d instantly.

Strengths & Weaknesses


It’s Bowser. He’s big, he hits hard, breathes fire, and destroys hopes and dreams with his spiked-shell Up-Smash. The big guy feels a little more tuned-up than normal; he’s not as sluggish as you might think and can quickly overwhelm unsuspecting opponents.


Still though, Bowser is a big target, and some of the backswing on his huge hits can leave a major gap for a smart, evasive opponent. Knowing when to go for the massive smash kick and when to play it safe is key to holding the throne.


Bowser’s weight has been exaggerated in Smash Ultimate. His base armor is good enough that he can oftentimes resist light projectile attacks.

He also has a new down smash where we swipes his claws back and forth. It’s not only faster, but it also knocks enemies further away.

We’re also getting an all-new Final Smash. Giga Bowser, now Giga Bowser Punch, pulls Bowser behind the stage where he grows massive in size. He winds up for a punch that can one-hit KO enemies at high percentages.


Bowser is a fashionable dude and we’ve already seen blue and green versions of his default skin.

Smash Ultimate BowserSmash Ultimate Bowser Brown Smash Ultimate Bowser Blue Smash Ultimate Bowser Red Smash Ultimate Bowser Inverse Smash Ultimate Bowser Black Smash Ultimate Bowser Green Smash Ultimate Bowser Yellow

And that’s all for now! We hope you enjoyed our Bowser character guide. Check back for more guides, coverage, and opinions about Smash Ultimate and all the latest games.

All of our Smash Ultimate guides created with the help of Eric Van Allen.


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