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A new event is coming to Sea of Thieves later this month. Set to release on August 26th, the Hunters of the Deep is all about killing sharks and collecting teeth. Similar to previous events, players can earn a special ship set before it’s moved into the Pirate Emporium. While we don’t know the exact amount of shark teeth needed, if you obtain enough you’ll earn the Shrouded Ghost ship cosmetics. This includes sails, a figurehead, hull design, and flag that showcase either the shark itself or a harpoon. It’s a cool design that definitely stands out among the rest of Sea of Thieves’ non-glowing cosmetic items.

If you are going to participate in the event, here’s what we know so far about how to unlock these cosmetic items.

(Author’s Notes: At the time of writing this the Hunters of the Deep event hasn’t gone live. So the amount of shark teeth needed and how many are given are unknown. We will update this guide once we have more information about the event. )

How to Get the Shrouded Ghost Ship Cosmetics

The Shrouded Ghost cosmetic set can be earned between August 2th and September 8th. During this time the Hunters of the Deep event will be active and players will need to earn shark teeth by completing various activities. These include locating Merrick’s Journals, letting sharks kill you so can claim the blue flame, selling shark meat, or slaying the mighty Megaladon boss. Of these methods, I recommend just hunting down Megaladon’s since they will reward the most shark teeth. Additionally, once you kill a Megaladon there are a bunch of regular sharks that spawn around the loot. This means you can farm additional shark teeth from them while you’re gathering the treasure.

If you prefer to not do battle with this foe, then consider locating Merrick’s journals which are scattered throughout the world. Currently, the location of three journals are known, but it’s possible that developer Rare add more. Right now you can find a journal on an unnamed island in quadrant N-13, an unnamed island in 1-12, and at Shark Bait Cove. These journals were available only during The Hungering Deep event some time ago, but we suspect they’ll be returning. Keep an eye out while you’re exploring for these books, since finding one will give you some shark teeth.

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For solo players, I honestly suggest just farming sharks for shark meat. It’s more of a grind, but you’ll be able to comfortably farm this item without other players harassing you. Plus, you can keep restocking on ammo by climbing back into your Sloop. We suspect this method will take a lot of time, so consider just joining up with another crew to hunt Megalodons. They are always quite easy to kill, especially if you have someone dedicated to repairing the boat whenever the shark bites the hull. Just make sure you have plenty of cannonballs before you venture out on your journey!


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