Sekiro Prosthetic Tools Guide: Every Shinobi Tool & Location

You definitely want to grab every Prosthetic Tool in Sekiro. These unique items transform into incredibly powerful weapons, which can be further upgraded as you proceed throughout the game. Some — like the Shinobi Firecracker — trivialize certain bosses. Others merely make moving through the world a much easier, more pleasant experience. But every last Prosthetic tool has its uses. That’s why we’ve put together this guide with all their names and locations in Sekiro. Let’s take a look at the list!

Sekiro Loaded Shuriken

Loaded Shuriken: Ashina Outskirts – Gate Path

The Loaded Shuriken should be the first Shinobi Tool you find in all of Sekiro. It’s also on the main path through the game — so you basically can’t miss it. You find the item needed to fit the prosthetic on the ledge of a pagoda, just past the “Ashina Outskirts – Gate Path” checkpoint.

Shinobi Firecracker: Ashina Outskirts – Gate Path

The Shinobi Firecracker is a tremendously useful item in Sekiro. It makes certain bosses and mini-bosses trivial (or at least much easier) and works well when you’re surrounded. It’s also, unfortunately, easy to miss. Although you can pick it up extremely early in the game. Check out our “How to Find the Shinobi Firecracker in Sekiro” guide for all the details. Or, assuming you already defeated Genichiro in Ashina Castle, you can eventually buy Robert’s Firecrackers from a merchant. One shows up just before where you fought the Gyoubu Oniwa boss battle.

Sekiro Loaded Axe

Loaded Axe: Hirata Estate – Estate Path

The Loaded Axe is an entirely optional — and somewhat easy to miss — tool. But it’s not hard to reach once you know where it is. First, however, you need to enter the Hirata Estate. This requires a special item: the Young Lord’s Bell Charm. You can find it in the “Outskirts Wall – Gate Path” region. Shortly after fighting General Noamori Kawarada, you will come across an old woman on the second floor of a burnt-out hut. Speak to her, then pick the second dialogue option, and she will give you the Young Lord’s Bell Charm.

Once you have the item, it’s time to return to the Dilapidated Temple (the building with the Sculptor from the beginning of the game). There’s a Buddha statue inside that looks much nicer than the Sculptor’s usual output. And now, with the bell, you can pray at said idol. This will finally transport you to the Hirata Estate!

Proceed through the Hirata Estate until you reach a pathway with two courtyards on either side. The left-hand yard is a chicken pen filled with evil roosters (seriously). The right-hand area has two guards. You can eavesdrop on their conversation to hear them talk about burning something. Kill them and you’ll find the Shinobi Axe of the Monkey in the garden hut they were standing near.

Sekiro Flame Vent

Flame Vent: Hirata Estate – Estate Path

The Flame Barrel, which upgrades into the Flame Vent when you talk to the Sculptor, is also found on the Hirata Estate. It’s a bit farther into the compound than the Loaded Axe, but it’s also much easier to spot from a distance. That’s because the Flame Barrel is literally located inside a bonfire. To find it, just veer right when you reach the bamboo thicket leading deeper into the Hirata Estate. Hop over some walls and look for the area lit by the blaze. There are enemies about with bows and arrows, so be careful. Dispatch them and grab the Flame Barrel from the fire!

Sekiro Mist Raven

Mist Raven: Hirata Estate – Estate Path

Yep! It’s yet another Shinobi Tool located on the Hirata Estate in Sekiro. It’s also the last one, as well as potentially the most difficult to acquire. We’ll worry about that in a minute, though. Start your search for the Mist Raven partway through the bamboo forest. You’ll eventually encounter two enemy guards with shields, along with one of the large ogre-like enemies, standing at the back of a bridge. You can skip them and jump into the water below. Follow said water upstream — to the left.

There’s a Treasure Carp on the way, too, so kill it before proceeding. And read our Sekiro Treasure Carp guide if you don’t know what we’re talking about!

This route will eventually take you to a side path, which ends in a bamboo door built into the side of the riverbank. Break it down. Now follow this path until you reach a tall building. It’s guarded by a purple-garbed ninja. This, however, is the three-story pagoda you can buy a memo about from the peddler in the Dilapidated Temple. The memo isn’t necessary to pick up the Mist Raven’s Feathers, though. Neither is killing the purple ninja! You can just sprint past him to open the door and grab the prosthetic — which unlocks the Mist Raven Shinobi Tool back at the Sculptor. Bear in mind that you keep the item even if you die after grabbing it.

Sekiro Loaded Spear

Loaded Spear: Ashina Castle – Ashina Reservoir

The hunt for the Loaded Spear, created from Gyubou’s Broken Horn, starts right after the Blazing Bull boss fight. Take a left past where you kill the creature. There are two guards there standing on a bridge. Eavesdrop on them to learn about the horn. Then… Well, kill them. One will drop the Gatehouse Key. You need this to obtain the Loaded Spear in Sekiro.

The next step begins once you reach the “Ashina Reservoir” checkpoint in the Ashina Castle region. Start at the idol and hop over the wall directly to your left. This will let you bypass the guards and dogs in the outer courtyard. From just past the wall, you should see a series of tree branches that let you zip up and into the left-hand side of the inner yard. There’s an enemy with a bell facing away from you — one that will alert everyone to your presence if he sees you — past some long grass. Stealth kill him to keep the rest of the area from going on alert.

Your target is just a bit farther past where you killed the aforementioned narc. See the large house at the end of the area? You need to open the front door with the Gatehouse Key. Crouch your way there, just to be safe, and open the door. Gyubou’s Broken Horn is just inside. Take it back to the Sculptor to create the Loaded Spear Shinobi Tool.

Sekiro Sabimaru

Sabimaru: Ashina Castle – Antechamber

The Sabimaru is located just past the “Ashina Castle – Antechamber” Sculptor’s Idol. Proceed deeper into the castle from this checkpoint. You’ll have to kill (or avoid) one patrolling blue samurai behind some folding screens. There’s another samurai and an old woman with a lantern walking the very next room, but you can ignore them as well. They patrol in a figure-eight pattern around two very large, square holes in the floor, leading down. Jump into either hole to proceed.

From here you can either land on a rafter, located between the floor you were on and the one below, or use the grappling hook to grab on manually. Below you are three normal enemies standing at attention for one blue samurai. Perform a jumping execution to kill the samurai, then fend off his guards. The Sabimaru is in a chest in the room behind where the samurai was just standing.

Sekiro Divine Abduction

Loaded Umbrella: Ashina Castle – Old Grave

Proceed down and to your left from the “Ashina Castle – Old Grave” statue. This will start you on the short journey to the Loaded Umbrella Shinobi Tool. On your way into the side area, you can eavesdrop on two guards talking about a “criminal” in a black hat and a “badger,” respectively. Kill them — then slay the cannoneer in the tower just above them to be safe. Past them and around a corner is a pagoda that’s falling apart with age and mortar fire. Luckily, the damage has opened up a hole in the roof, which you can zip up and into.

On the top floor of the building is a “rat” (the short enemies Tengu of Ashina wants you to kill). Except this one won’t attack you. This is an NPC called Blackhat Badger, who sells the Iron Fortress prosthetic.

Sekiro Loaded Umbrella

Divine Abduction (Shinobi Fan): Sunken Valley – Gun Fort

Divine Abduction, aka the Shinobi Fan, is nearly impossible to miss. You just need to kill a quick, relatively simple mini-boss. You should even run into said boss — the Long-Armed Centipede Giraffe — while progressing through the main game. The fight is a battle of Posture and attrition, where you need to deflect many attacks in short succession. You can supplement this strategy with Gokan’s Sugar, which reduces your Posture gauge buildup, and the Shinobi Firecracker. The latter item will let you stun the Centipede Giraffe for a short time (and get in some necessary healing). Once you best the boss, the Divine Abduction is yours for the taking.

Sekiro Finger Whistle

Finger Whistle: Sunken Valley – Bodhisattva Valley

This one is also awfully easy to find (i.e. mandatory). However, actually unlocking the Finger Whistle tool in Sekiro is another matter entirely. You get the Finger Whistle for defeating the Guardian Ape — deep, deep in the Sunken Valley region. It’s a mandatory boss fight, too. So there’s no danger of actually missing the useful tool. You just have to beat the Guardian Ape itself. And that can be quite the ordeal. We’ll be sure to link back to our “How to Beat the Guardian Ape” guide for Sekiro once it’s ready. Until then, just know that you haven’t missed anything secret!

Thanks for taking the time to read our guide to every Shinobi Tool and prosthetic in Sekiro! We hope you were able to find what you need. And make sure to try them all out. You never know what might be useful on your journey through the game.


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