How to Reach The Secret EDZ Tunnel With Hawkmoon in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt is almost over. With only a few weeks left, players are still discovering new secrets throughout this game’s many worlds. Revolving around Uldren Sov (now reborn as Crow) working for The Spider, this season focused on us freeing him from this Fallen gangster’s clutches. Part of this quest was tied to the returning Hawkmoon exotic hand cannon, which released a few weeks ago. However, a new hidden area was discovered in the EDZ and is only accessible by using this weapon. Currently, there’s really nothing to do in this area, but it’s clearly tied to either a quest or perhaps a secret for players to uncover.

Here’s how to reach this area and what you can see:

How to Reach the Trostland Tunnel

To reach this area, you will need to fly to the Trostlands in the EDZ. Make sure you or someone in your fireteam has Hawkmoon equipped. If you don’t have it, here’s a guide for obtaining this exotic weapon. Once you arrive, run past the courtyard to your right and approach the large building with the ABS Kastner sign above the door. It will have the entire front of the structure destroyed. Jump to the second floor and look to the left. You should see a fireplace with a piece of rubble blocking it. Shoot the small rock with the Hawkmoon to open up a secret passage.

You can now crouch and enter the tunnel which leads to two different areas. While this tunnel is mainly linear and just full of debris, there are two places of note. The first is a laptop on a table which has a faint blueish blow to it. However, you are unable to interact with it at the time of writing this. The second is a passageway in the area where the laptop is located. Along the right brick wall, you’ll find a crack big enough for your Guardian to slip through. Inside is another tunnel that leads you to a large metal door. You will enter the Reservoir when you approach the locked door, signaling this area is most likely part of an unreleased quest.

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In fact, I doubt there are any puzzles for players to solve here. This appears to simply be two locations that will be tied to a quest from Crow that has yet to go live. If you’re looking for more secrets, go back to the ABS Kastner building and climb up to the third floor. Follow the same path you took during the Hawkmoon quest through the Reservoir. You will now find Crow’s ship fully repaired and hidden within a building along with some additional dialogue. Keep in mind, you cannot replay the Hawkmoon quest so you’ll need to manually explore this area with no waypoint. It’s actually not that difficult since most of the path is fairly linear and the enemies are all quite weak.


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