Every Gun in the Season 10 Care Package – Apex Legends Emergence

Apex Legends: Season 10 Emergence is officially one week away and we’ve learned a bunch of new details about all the upcoming content. Along with the new legend, Seer, Season 10 will see multiple changes to weapons, characters, and big map alterations to World’s Edge. Emergence also introduces Ranked Arenas for those looking for a more competitive experience and the new Rampage LMG which uses Thermite’s to increase its fire rate. Along with all this, we will be getting two new Care Package weapons that will certainly cause a rumbling in the meta. Thankfully, all of this has been confirmed by developer Respawn Entertainment and is not just speculation from known community members.

Season 10 Care Package Weapons

In Season 10, both the Prowler and Triple Take will be swapped for the Alternator and Spitfire. This is the first time both guns have ever been in a Care Package, which means there will be some slight tweaks to how they perform. For the Alternator, it will come with perhaps the strongest Hop-Up ever introduced in Apex Legends, Disruptor Rounds. For those that didn’t suffer through Season 2, Disruptor Rounds deal bonus damage against shields and proved to be so deadly that they were immediately removed in Season 3. Now, this doesn’t mean this mod will be part of the general loot pool. Disruptor Rounds are exclusive to the Alternator, which makes it one of the deadliest close-range weapons in the entire game.

As for the Spitfire, we know that it will be returned to its pre-nerf state. For those who didn’t experience players being able to kill everyone in their lobby and God itself with a single clip, the Spitfire in Season 8 was absolutely wild. Doing 19 damage a bullet, this weapon tore through players with little effort thanks to the huge clip size and low recoil. Even though we don’t know the specific damage values of the Care Package Spitfire, if it’s even close to what it was in Season 8 then this light machinegun will be a force of nature.

Season 10 Weapon Changes

For the guns returning, Respawn Entertainment has not shared the actual damage numbers or nerfs coming to these weapons. That being said, we do know that the Prowler will not have an alternate firing mode and is locked to the burst fire function. Additionally, both the Anvil Receiver and Quick Draw Hop-Ups have been taken out of the game. In their place, a new Hop-Up called Boosted Loader will be introduced for the Wingman and Hemlock. Not only will this offer a faster reload speed, but if you can get the timing down you’ll get additional ammo in the clip for a successful reload.

Players can also rejoice because the EVA-8’s fire rate when using a Shotgun Bolt is finally getting nerfed. Currently the best close-range gun in Apex Legends, players have been asking for a nerf to this gun since the start of Season 9. The L-Star is also getting a slight buff, as it will be able to take barrel m and extended mag attachments. The latter will actually increase the number of shots you can fire before the weapon overheats. Finally, all Marksman Rifles will now take sniper stocks instead of regular weapon stocks.

Keep in mind, these aren’t the only changes coming to Season 10. Respawn Entertainment has confirmed there will be more changes, but they won’t be revealed until the Emergence patch notes go live.


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