Sea of Thieves Treasures For Eternity Guide – Isla Tesoro’s Stash Location

Sea of Thieves is getting its biggest and most exciting update yet. Tied in with Season 3, the new “A Pirate’s Life” update will see this swashbuckling world cross swords with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. Not only will this season revolve around a brand new storyline, but it will introduce a host of changes to the game’s world. Along with new story content, players can complete challenges tied to the new Tall Tales. Finishing all of these will unlock new cosmetics for your pirate, so it’s definitely worth beating as many as possible. A commendation you can easily miss is the Treasures for Eternity in the Captains of the Damned Tall Tale.

Treasures For Eternity Commendation

Mercado Key Location

To complete the Treasures For Eternity commendation you’ll need to first hunt down the Mercado key inside the ghost town. Once you arrive, head towards the town square where a group of ghosts is dunking one in a well. This should be one of the first big scenes you see upon your arrival. On the well is the Mercado key, which you can pick up and carry with you. Your way out is the building on the left where ghost Jack Sparrow is hiding.

Sea of Thieves Treasures For Eternity

Mercado Building Torch

While holding the key, continue through the town until you reach a large auction with several ghosts standing in a long line on the left. Behind the ghosts will be a big building with the name “Mercado” written across in white paint. Go to the side of the structure and use the key to unlock the door. Head upstairs and ignite the torch in the window, which will cause the dock flames to start glowing green. You will also find a secret note behind the lifted chest lid by the window.

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Sea of Thieves Treasures For Eternity

Hidden Stash Location

Now leave the Mercado building and go right towards the dock past the line of ghosts. Climb into the rowboat and follow the stream until you reach a massive stone wall with an iron gate. Stop your boat at the gate and climb onto the small stone platform on your right. Go under the wall to the other side before using the pully to lower the iron gate so you can keep going. Hop back into your rowboat and follow the stream until you reach a plot of land where two ghosts are digging up some treasure. Head over to where the ghosts are digging and use your shovel to unearth a ghostly stash. Now just carry the stash back to the boat and give it to the skeletons sitting in the back. This will reward you with the Treasures for Eternity commendation.