Sea of Thieves Sails of Union Guide – How to Get the Sails of Union

Another new set of promotional sails have arrived into the chaotic, treasure-filled world of Sea of Thieves. Similar to the Battletoads sails, these are only obtainable outside of the core game. So if you want these sails then you will need to go outside of Sea of Thieves to obtain them. These are also tied to spending real-world money, but all the proceeds will go to the Stand Up to Cancer charity program. If you are looking to light up the night sky when you’re sailing across the high seas, here’s how to unlock the Sails of Union ship cosmetic.

How to Get the Sails of Union

To get the Sails of Union you will need to spend $5.99 USD and purchase them from either the Microsoft Store or Steam. By following the links above, you will be taken to the store page where you can purchase these sails. You cannot go through Sea of Thieves’ Pirate Emporium to purchase these sails so make sure to check the storefront of whatever platform you play Rare’s game on. Once you purchase the sails, they should be immediately be added to your shipwright’s collection. If you’re in-game and they don’t appear, just join a different server to make them available. There are no additional coin or faction requirements to use these sails, so feel free to fly them with pride.

Remember, this is only a set of sails and not a full ship cosmetic set. Don’t expect to earn any hull, cannon, capstan, wheel, or flag when you purchase the Sails of Union. These sails are only available between September 28th to November 6th, so make sure to pick them up before they are unavailable. Plus, it’s for a good cause, so considering supporting the Stand Up to Cancer charity.

More Sea of Thieves

For those out of the loop, the latest content update for Sea of Thieves introduced a brand new quest for the Gold Hoarder merchant along with dogs as in-game pets. The former tasks players with sailing to various islands, uncovering pieces of a map that will reveal where to find a vault key. Once you obtain the vault key, you can sail to that island and then raid the underground stronghold of all its loot. However, you will only have three minutes once the doors open, so make sure to get as much treasure as possible before you’re locked inside for good.

Players can also earn a Chests of Ancient Tributes by completing a pretty simple puzzle before the timer expires. These chests can be turned in for a decent amount of gold, but the real prize is unlocking the Ancient Tribute Sails. To get these you will need to sell 50 Chests of Ancient Tributes to the Gold Hoarder — whether you steal them or earn them honorably is up to you.

The Sails of Union are now available until November 28th on both PC and Xbox One.


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